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The Carpentries Blog

Gratitude to Member Organisations and Champions

Gratitude to the Growing Trainer Community

With Thanks from Carpentries Instructors in Africa

“Sithanda ukudlulisa amazwi ukubonga ku Carpentries!” from Carpentries Instructors in Africa

Gratitude from the Infrastructure Team

CarpentryCon 2020 Financial Aid

Submit your application to receive financial aid to attend CarpentryCon from June 29 to July 1, 2020

Expressing Gratitude to Our Instructor Development Committee

In just six months our Instructor Development Committee has done SO MUCH!

Extending Gratitude to CarpentryCon 2020's Task Force

Organised in six subcommittees, this Task Force is doing great work ahead of CarpentryCon 2020

Executive Director Transition

Tracy Teal is moving on from The Carpentries, Kari Jordan will serve as Acting Executive Director

Thank You for Supporting our Outreach Efforts

We appreciate the enthusiasm and creativity with which community members communicate in, about and in support of The Carpentries

With gratitude, to the Code of Conduct Committee

The Code of Conduct Committee continues to embody our Core Values, and for that, we are grateful.

Extending Gratitude to the Executive Council for Governance in 2019

Thank you to the Executive Council

Election for the 2020 Executive Council

New Etherpad server

We upgraded our Etherpad server.

Introducing The Carpentries Gratitudes Series

We are taking time throughout December 2019 to reflect, write and share our community green stickies for the year

The Carpentries Long-Term Survey is Open

We are collecting feedback on the long-term impact of our workshops. We want to hear from you!

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