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Partnering for global good

In our Gratitude series, we shared our gratitude for our fiscal sponsor Community Initiatives. The Community Initiatives’ team joined in to share their gratitude for the work as well, and we appreciate the great partnership! Check out their post below.

It is Community Initiatives’ mission to help others excel at their missions. As a fiscal sponsor, we share our nonprofit status with organisations like The Carpentries; then, we take on their back office work that includes human resources, accounting, business development, legal affairs and so much more so that they can focus on their great ideas.

So, when The Carpentries’ team came to our Oakland, California office, we were thrilled that they asked how to be more efficient in every part of their business practice. They met with a member from each of our teams and asked great questions – this is the type of partnership that gets us out of bed in the morning.

In almost two years of partnership, we have been proud to see The Carpentries grow in scale, vision and reach. We have weathered challenges together and The Carpentries leadership team has remained unflaggingly positive and cordial.

International contracts, currency and labor laws can be hard to navigate. Each country has its own legal landscape, yet with The Carpentries help, we are able to quickly process membership agreements, intake funds and help them to grow their staff. We are thankful for the new challenges; lessons from which we are able to use to help other projects, and keep us nimble and on our toes!

We were especially proud to see The Carpentries receive a $2.65 million from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to support their work over the next three years. As programs expand and new instructors are onboarded, we will be there every step of the way to ensure the success of The Carpentries. We look forward to see what the next year brings to this fantastic project partner and are so thankful we are part of their journey.

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