Gratitude from the Infrastructure Team

The infrastructure The Carpentries Team manages is mostly invisible to its users, and yet it provides critical services to our community members.

To name a few, we run our own Etherpad instance, we have scripts that ensures that our websites display up-to-date information about our workshops and our community members, and we generate reports based on the results of the pre- and post-workshop surveys.

This year, our technical infrastructure has considerably changed.

We focused on abstracting the setup of our servers by using technologies like Docker and Ansible, and by automating some of our workflows to allow us to scale our operations.

We rely on many open-source packages and libraries that allow us to retrieve, aggregate, and visualize information across the different services we use. This includes tools intended for the general public, such as R and Python. It also includes tools built specifically for The Carpentries community, such as AMY, our internal database, which tracks our workshop, instructor training, and membership activity.

As we reflect on what we are grateful for at this end of this year, we would like to extend our gratitude to all the developers of open-source code – within The Carpentries community and beyond – that allow us to power our infrastructure. To learn more about how you can get involved in supporting and growing our systems, please contact us at

Thank you all!

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