The Nine Core Values of The Carpentries

Shared values and goals have long been the starting point of communities of practice as they identify changes they want to see and start working together towards these changes. Between July and November 2019, The Carpentries team formed a Task Force which worked with our community to identify and articulate The Carpentries Values. A long-form report detailing why and how this work was done can be found here.

Here are the nine core values of The Carpentries:

At The Carpentries we…

Act Openly

We believe that transparency, honesty, and fairness are keys to fostering trust within an open community.

Empower One Another

We help people build knowledge by creating a conducive environment for the exchange of skills, perspectives and experiences that empower people and enable them to reach their potential.

Value All Contributions

We value all contributions by individuals and entities to our community, code, lessons and broader ecosystem as long as those contributions adhere to The Carpentries Code of Conduct.

We are…

Always Learning

We value a growth mindset in all that we do and strive for continuous improvement, evolving ourselves and our methodologies, being responsive, curious, receptive to feedback, and eager to learn.

Inclusive of All

We advocate for inclusivity - welcoming and extending empathy and kindness - to leverage contributions from all community members, regardless of their identity or expression.

We champion…

People First

We believe that the individuals who make up our community are the most important part of our organisation and our strongest resource. We strive to make decisions that lower barriers for individual participation.

Access for All

We value accessibility as core, and create multiple avenues for participation where all people can learn and contribute.

Community Collaboration

Our curricula and programs are developed by and with community members. We see collaboration across borders, domains and initiatives as a pathway to empower people and realise shared goals.

Strength through Diversity

Appreciating that identities are complex and individual, we believe in empowering a diverse group of people to work with data and code to answer the questions important to them and address challenges in science and society.