Job Opportunities with The Carpentries

Accessibility Coordinator

The Carpentries is committed to training and fostering an active, inclusive, and diverse community of learners and instructors who promote and model the importance of software and data in research. We seek an engaged and collaborative individual who shares this vision for a full-time, two-year position as the Accessibility Coordinator for The Carpentries. The Accessibility Coordinator will have a broad responsibility for integrating accessibility standards and best practices across all areas of The Carpentries organisation.

As the Accessibility Coordinator, you will lead accessibility audits of The Carpentries programs, services, assets, materials, and communications and work with other team members to incorporate your findings. The audit will consider all areas of accessibility, including disability accessibility, use of non-inclusive language (e.g., ableist or gendered language), reliance on US-Centric framing (e.g., concepts/idioms), and modes of participation for individuals without stable internet access. The Accessibility Coordinator will develop and lead training for staff and community members and will engage closely with these groups to improve user experiences across The Carpentries platforms.

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