The Carpentries Core Team

Meet Carpentries staff and others who work with us.

Kari L. Jordan, PhD

Executive Director
Business Team Lead

Erin Becker, PhD

Associate Director
Membership Team Lead

Zhian N. Kamvar, PhD

Lesson Infrastructure Technology Developer

Toby Hodges, PhD

Director of Curriculum
Curriculum Team Lead

Talisha Sutton-Kennedy

Operations Manager

SherAaron Hurt

Director of Workshops
Workshops Team Lead

Omar Khan

Communications Manager

Maneesha Sane

Quality Assurance Manager

Kelly Barnes, PhD

Deputy Director of Instructor Training

Karen Word, PhD

Director of Instructor Training
Instructor Training Team Lead

Danielle Sieh

Workshop Administrator

Brynn Elliott

Accessibility Manager

Angelique Trusler, PhD

African Capacity Development Manager

Amanda Steele

Director of Fundraising

Alycia Crall, PhD

Director of Community
Community Development Team Lead

The Carpentries Strategic Partners

Michael Culshaw-Maurer, PhD

Postdoctoral researcher (joint with CyVerse)

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