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New R Ecology Lesson Released

The redesigned version of the lesson becomes official curriculum today.

Reigniting Community: Reflections from Coffee with The Carpentries Executive Director

Here's what I learned over the last six months speaking with our community.

Library Carpentry Curriculum Advisory Committee Approves a Major Update to the LC Python Lesson

Introducing Python Intro for Libraries, an updated lesson designed to introduce Python and reproducible workflows for library data analysis.

Registration Open for CarpentryConnect Heidelberg

A draft programme has also been updated for the November community event in Germany.

Welcome to our Newest Lesson Maintainers!

26 new Lesson Maintainers badged

Library Carpentry Curriculum Committee Approves Data Management Plan Lesson

Explore the newly approved Data Management Plan Course for Librarians--empowering information professionals to support research data management effectively.

Introducing the New Editors of The Carpentries Lab

Supporting peer review of lessons from the community

Applications Now Open for Carpentries Instructor Trainer Training Starting August 2024

Do you want to teach others to develop skills and confidence as Carpentries Instructors? Become an Instructor Trainer!

Exciting updates from the CarpentryConnect Heidelberg 2024 organising committee

Keynote speakers, Inclusivity tickets, and Provisional programme announced for BioNT Community Event & CarpentryConnect Heidelberg 2024

Translating Software Carpentry lessons into Ukrainian language: a status update

An overview of the current state of the Ukrainian language localisation project initiated in 2022.

Introducing the new Instructor Trainers Leadership Committee for 2024

Meet the team and read about their goals for the year

Workbench Carpentries Repository Maintenance via Visual Studio Code

Get Maintaing Without Leaving VS Code

Publication of The Carpentries 2023 Annual Report

The Annual Report, which incorporates the Financial Report, for the 2023 year is now available.

Postponing the Hybrid CarpentryCon 2025 Event in South Africa

The Carpentries has decided to postpone CarpentryCon in 2025 until our transition to operating as an independent non-profit organisation is complete and our finances stabilised.

Proposal Submission Open for (Hybrid) AU-Aotearoa CarpentryConnect 2024.

Join the first AU-Aotearoa CarpentryConnect in May 2024. Submissions close 22 April.

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