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Postponing the Hybrid CarpentryCon 2025 Event in South Africa

The Carpentries has decided to postpone CarpentryCon in 2025 until our transition to operating as an independent non-profit organisation is complete and our finances stabilised.

Proposal Submission Open for (Hybrid) AU-Aotearoa CarpentryConnect 2024.

Join the first AU-Aotearoa CarpentryConnect in May 2024. Submissions close 22 April.

Curriculum Advisors Approve Redesigned DC R Ecology Lesson

The redesigned lesson will replace the existing version in the curriculum in July.

Advancing AI Education in GLAM: Highlights from the Library Carpentry Code Sprint

Discover how a global code sprint is driving the evolution of AI education in libraries and shaping the future of the GLAM community.

Apply for 2024 Carpentries Maintainer Onboarding!

The Carpentries is preparing to onboard the next round of Maintainers. Applications due 5 April.

Lesson programs' blog posts migration

The three lesson programs' blog posts have been merged into The Carpentries blog

Changes to Software Carpentry's Lesson Program Governance Committee and their work

In response to recent changes to The Carpentries Core Team, the Software Carpentry LPGC announces changes to their workflow and governance.

Sharing the 2023 Community Survey Evaluation Report

The report summarising community members’ responses to the inaugural Carpentries community survey is out!

The Carpentries Lab: Good Enough Practices in Scientific Computing

A peer-reviewed lesson, based on 2017 paper of the same name, has been added to The Carpentries Lab

Proposal Submission Opens for CCHD24

Submit your session proposals for CarpentryConnect and BioNT Community Event - Heidelberg 2024!

Supporting the Curriculum Development Community in 2024

How you can help us continue to support open peer review of lessons.

Breaking Language Barriers in Data Science: Glosario Codefest Event

Let's celebrate diversity and break language barriers.

Revisions to The Carpentries governance structure

In a significant move towards autonomy, The Carpentries streamlines its governance structure to benefit our global community.

Changes to support from the Core Team at The Carpentries

The Core Team announces which services to the community it will continue to support and which initiatives will continue through community-led support.

Re-introducing The Carpentries Core Team

Meet our team of nine at The Carpentries and learn how they will continue to support you.

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