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The Carpentries Blog

The Carpentries' Programmatic Assessment

2012-2018 Programmatic Assessment Report Published

Report on the Next Steps in R workshop at CarpentryCon 2018

Report: Lesson Infrastructure Breakout at CarpentryCon

Find out what we talked about during the lesson infrastructure breakout session at CarpentryCon

Get More Involved with the Carpentries' Instructor Community

Hosting discussion sessions is a great way to expand your network

Thoughts on CarpentryCon: the Value of Community

A summary of the tweets generated at CarpentryCon 2018, Dublin

The Carpentries' Virtual Listening Tour

You Belong in The Carpentries and we want to hear from you

CarpentryCon 2018 Wraps Up

Inaugural Conference a Big Success

Updates to Privacy Policy

Updates to privacy policy and option to be included on our new website

Opening discussions about Library Carpentry being a Lesson Organisation with The Carpentries

The Carpentries' Executive Council and the Library Carpentry governance team vote to start discussions

Calling for Responses to our Long-Term Survey

Please share your impact story

All Carpentries Mailing Lists now moved to TopicBox

Planning for a seamless transition

Executive Council 1st 2018 Tertile Report

Executive Council 1st 2018 Tertile Report: Bylaws

Library Carpentry Hackathon a Great Success

The third sprint featured lots of updates and new curriculum, plus the development of a new website

Rethinking the Lesson Pipeline

Rethinking the Lesson Pipeline with reticulate

The Carpentries Programmatic Assessment

The first joint quarterly report for The Carpentries programs

Book Review: Teaching What You Don't Know

Many Carpentries instructors may find themselves in the position of teaching material they do not know all that well

Building Carpentries Engagement in Your Communities

Leveraging the power of community

April 2018 Bug BBQ Summary

A brief summary of the activity on our repository during the Bug BBQ

Launching The Carpentries Website

New website for access to all things Carpentries

Poster, Program, Participation

Find all the latest news on CarpentryCon 2018

Building Library Carpentry Community and Development

Announcing Chris Erdmann as the new Library Carpentry Community and Development Director, starting 4 May, 2018.

Launching our New Handbook

Find new pathways to a range of Carpentries material

Mentoring Groups Open for Multiple Timezones

Did you miss the deadline to join a mentoring group?

How to be involved in the Bug BBQ?

A short guide on how to contribute and be involved during The Carpentries Bug BBQ.

Who Belongs at CarpentryCon 2018? You Do!

To be held in Dublin from 30 May - 1 June, 2018, CarpentryCon will be three action-packed days of skill ups, breakout sessions, talks, social events, and workshops.

Software Carpentry: Considering the Future