We Appreciate Community Initiatives, our Fiscal Sponsor!

Partnering for global good

Some of our community members may have heard us mention our fiscal sponsor, Community Initiatives, at one time or another in the last year, but many have not. This is a testament to the amazing job that Community Initiatives (CI) does supporting pretty much everything that we do in ways that are pretty much always unseen. We would like to shine a spotlight on CI and express our sincere and inspired gratitude for their support this year.

Fiscal Sponsorship

A fiscal sponsor is a nonprofit organisation that shares its legal & tax status with qualified nonprofit projects like The Carpentries. With this shared status, we are able to accept tax-deductible donations qualify for grant funding. In addition, Community Initiatives provides comprehensive administrative services and support.

Why we are so very grateful!

Behind every workshop, agreement, license, collaboration, donation, sponsorship, reimbursement, and service are paperwork, liability, tax law, accounting, and compliance. CI excels at helping The Carpentries handle these inevitable aspects of a non-profit organisation to ensure that we can continue to have an impact on the world and can spend as much time as possible focusing on what lights our fire (aka our mission, not the paperwork)! Thank you, Community Initiatives, for your work support in these areas and so much more! We have enjoyed working with CI in 2019 and look forward to our continued growth together through 2020.

We would like to give a very special and very loud shout-out to Nicki Leszman, our project’s Client Services Manager. Nicki is on point for every one of the, more often than not, complex, unique and challenging situations that The Carpentries runs in to on a daily as we seek to operate as a global, community-lead and sustainable non-profit. What is more, she dives into these challenges with a smile and an implacable can-do attitude. Thank you, Nicki!

We are also immensely grateful for the work of Brandy Shah, Legal Director of Client Services, Dave McGee, Vice President of Human Resources & Operations, Rula Adranly, Human Resources Business Partner, Jenny Wu, our Project Accountant, Keith Chreston, Chief Financial Officer, Ruth Williams, President & CEO, Antonio Choy Koo, Controller, and Heidi Hernandez Gatty, Vice President of Client Services. It takes a community to change the world, and we are so very fortunate to have Community Initiatives as part of ours. We know that you support over 100 other non-profit projects, and you may not always see the effects of your work with The Carpentries; however, we want you to have no doubt that your partnership and support makes a positive difference, indirectly or directly, in the lives of our community members every day, and we are changing the world!

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