Teaching with The Carpentries

Carpentries workshops teach researchers the skills and perspectives to work more effectively and reproducibily with data and software. Our workshops use open, collaboratively developed Software Carpentry, Data Carpentry, and Library Carpentry lessons with materials on topics from data organisation to version control. All our workshops are taught by volunteer instructors, and we have more than 1,400 volunteer instructors around the world.

Becoming an instructor with The Carpentries connects you with a global community of instructors who are passionate about helping others learn to code and work with data. We use educational pedagogy to inform our teaching practices and create accessible and inclusive workshops, including using a Code of Conduct, that promotes learning for all participants.

We offer instructor training to train people in how to teach Carpentries workshops, including educational pedagogy and Carpentries-specific information.

Find out how to become an instructor and join The Carpentries community of instructors or become an Organisational Member to grow a local community of instructors within your organisation.

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