We are grateful for the Carpentries team - and the Executive Director

We appreciate the Carpentries team

You may know them as team@carpentries.org, or checkout@carpentries.org. You may have met them on a Zoom call or even in person. They are the Carpentries team, the staff employed by The Carpentries organization. And without them, the work we do would have been a lot harder to accomplish.

Their tasks and roles range from administrative and logistic support and management, leading programs and instructor training, engaging (with) the community, membership and infrastructure, equity, assessment and general leadership. Finally we have the executive director, still Tracy Teal at the moment of writing, but she will step down in January, ultimately to be replaced by a person as of yet unknown.

Some community members work closely together with the Carpentries team in one or more committees, task forces or other organizational capacities, and thus observe their work first-hand. At other times, much of the work the team does remains largely invisible, but is no less important because of it.

We are extremely grateful for all the work the Carpentries team is doing for The Carpentries. They form the foundation on which we all stand when we teach workshops, train new instructors, maintain curriculum or otherwise are involved in this wonderful community. We are also very grateful for Tracy Teal being their ‘boss lady’ these last few years. Tracy has during her period as Executive Director developed a wonderful relationship with her team, based on mutual trust and respect. We are both saddened to see Tracy leave, but also very excited to see what the future holds for her as the new Executive Director at Dryad.

We thank Kari Jordan, Erin Becker, Elizabeth Williams, Maneesha Sane, Serah Njambi Kiburu, SherAaron Hurt, Talisha Sutton-Kennedy, François Michonneau, Karen Word, Angelique Trusler, and Tracy Teal.

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