Become an Instructor

The Carpentries workshops are taught by trained, volunteer Instructors. Instructor certification includes attendance at an Instructor Training event and three short “checkout” tasks. Together, these steps ensure that our Instructors are well grounded in principles of effective teaching, familiar with The Carpentries policies and practices, and are prepared to participate in and contribute to our community in the future.

Carpentries Instructors can organise workshops at home or volunteer to join a workshop at another site through our centrally organised workshops program. We have held workshops in over 40 countries on every continent (including Antarctica!). We match our Instructors with teaching opportunities that fit their schedules, travel interests, and availability.

Why Become an Instructor?

  • To make your world better. By teaching their peers how to accomplish more with software and data skills, Carpentries Instructors are improving the environment that they themselves work in, clearing obstacles to their own success.
  • To build a reputation. Teaching a workshop is a great way for people to introduce themselves to places they would eventually like to work, and a great way to make contact with potential collaborators around the world.
  • To get practice teaching. Carpentries Instructors learn to implement evidence-based practices in a supportive, team environment. They also receive feedback through Carpentries surveys, creating a track record that can be useful in applications for teaching-related positions.
  • To help get people of diverse backgrounds into the pipeline. Some of our Instructors are involved in part because they want computational science to include people from a broader range of backgrounds.
  • To expand your technical skills. Carpentries Instructors continue to learn the very skills they teach, and more! Not only is teaching an excellent way to solidify existing skills, teaching with a team exposes you to new tips and tricks from others along the way.
  • To acquire useful skills for all careers. Even “non-teaching” jobs demand skills that can be learned through teaching, especially as part of a team. You are welcome to borrow this wording to describe these skills in any professional context.
  • To join a community of people who care about inclusive teaching of computational skills.
  • Because it is fun. It really is!

Steps to becoming an Instructor.

  1. Attend an Instructor Training event The training runs over two full days or four half days and covers the basics of educational psychology, evidence-based classroom practices, and how to apply both to teaching workshops for The Carpentries. For more details, visit the Instructor training curriculum page.
  2. Complete the checkout process You must complete three short tasks after the training in order to complete certification as a Carpentries Instructor. See our Checkout Instructions page for more details.

There are two ways to access Instructor Training:

1. Get an access code from a Carpentries Member organisation or group that has arranged for training

Member organisations have agreements with The Carpentries that include a specific number of Instructor Training seats. They select which trainees attend Instructor Training.

If you have received an access code, you are ready to use your code to sign up for an Instructor Training event! When you register, you will also be asked to create a profile in our database. Where membership is not possible, The Carpentries occasionally sponsors groups for Instructor Training. At this time, applications for group sponsorship are available by invitation only. However, if you have a group that you believe will advance The Carpentries’ goal of reaching historically under-represented groups through sponsorship, you are welcome to contact us with inquiries. Group pricing for Instructor Training is listed below.

2. Purchase an individual Instructor Training seat.

Individuals not affiliated with Member organisations can purchase seats in Instructor Training at the fee schedule shown below. Please contact us to purchase a seat or with inquiries.

Group Training & Priority Access Fees

Individuals and organisations may pay a fee to gain access to Instructor Training. Once invoiced, we will create a unique registration code that trainees can use to access registration for any event on our quarterly Instructor Training Calendar.

  Instructor Training Seat Fee (USD)†
High Income $1,500
Upper-Middle Income $1,125
Lower-Middle Income $750
Low Income $375

†Non-profit fees shown. For-profit organisation fees are 4x listed price.

The per seat fee is dependent on the purchasing organisation’s geographic location, according to the World Bank’s gross national income categorisation.

If you are seeking to train six (6) or more individuals, please check out our Membership page as the rate may be lower.

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