Our Supporters

We are grateful to our supporters who help us reach the mission and vision of The Carpentries. These include our Member Organisations and those who sponsor workshops as well as grants and donations. We are in a position to create positive change in the data and software communities and our supporters help us in this endeavour.

We aim to be transparent in our sources of revenue and how they align with our vision and values, and funding must support existing priorities. Towards this aim we share our sources of grants and donations and the work they are funding.

We consistently work to keep this page up to date, but if you are aware of sources of funding that are not listed please let us know.


  • Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for scaling collaborative curriculum development for data skills training. A grant from the Sloan Foundation was awarded in February, 2018 has allowed us to create general infrastructure, guidelines and pathways for community engagement to establish open source lesson development as a practice and enable scalable, collaborative data training. Curriculum developed through this grant will include economics, image analysis and chemistry.

  • Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for events for community development and leadership. A grant from the Sloan Foundation was awarded in August, 2019 and is supporting in-person meetings of The Carpentries community to advance strategic planning, community building and leadership, skills sharing, and plans for reaching new communities. This includes the meeting of the Executive Council for strategic planning and support for the organization of CarpentryCon 2020.

  • Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for advancing The Carpentries Equity and Inclusion goals for training researchers of color. A grant from the Sloan Foundation was awarded in July, 2021 to advance equitable outcomes in data literacy for Black, Latinx, and Indigenous researchers in the U.S. The Carpentries was awarded this 18-month grant to collaborate with a group of U.S.-based professional organisations to run Carpentries workshops, increase the number of certified Instructors who are Latinx, Black, and Indigenous, and develop culturally-relevant training for data literacy and computational skills.

  • California Digital Library (CDL) Through a grant and then supplemental support from the Institute of Museum and Library Services in September, 2019, CDL is providing support to The Carpentries for workshops and instructor training, and a membership scholarship program to reach new library communities and consortiums in the United States.

  • Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) Grants from CZI, awarded in partnership with the Moore Foundation in November 2019, are supporting two sets of activities - “Scaling and sustaining The Carpentries Trainer Development program” and “CarpentriesLabs: A platform for community creation, sharing and dissemination of open source curriculum”. This is a part of their commitment to open science. We share a commitment to people, technology, collaboration and open science in our values.

  • Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) for improving equity and inclusion across our organisational processes and communities. A grant from CZI was awarded in December 2021 to provide Carpentries memberships to institutions serving underrepresented groups in Central and South America and in Southern Africa; fund a full-time hire (2-year position) responsible for helping better integrate accessibility across The Carpentries programs and services; and training and support to better integrate DEI awareness and education into The Carpentries operations and community.

  • Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation A grant from the Moore Foundation, awarded in partnership with CZI in November 2019, are supporting “Building and supporting community to develop capacity for data and software skills training”. This is a part of their Data Driven Discovery program supporting the people and programs who innovate around data-driven discovery. Additionally, the Moore Foundation generously donated $10,000 in support of CarpentryCon 2020.

  • Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation for curriculum development, community development, and assessment. A grant from the Moore foundation was awarded in November 2021 to develop pathways for the Carpentries community to contribute and receive recognition for their contributions. These goals complement our Chan Zuckerberg Initiative projects to scale our Instructor Training and CarpentriesLab programs.

  • Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) program. Each year, MOSS gives out about $2M USD in funding to open source projects that help broaden access, increase security and empower users. In December 2019, The Carpentries was awarded $30,316 USD in the form of a core support grant by MOSS program. This grant will help advance our Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility work in The Carpentries.

  • R Consortium A grant from the R Consortium awarded by their Infrastructure Steering Committee has supported work developing tools and templates for teaching materials. This has supported work on the lesson development template and related infrastructure.

  • The Carpentries are included in many grants to support workshops, Memberships and lesson development that individual institutions or consortium apply for. We do not have, nor are likely to be able to maintain, a complete list of these grants. If you do want to share your funding sources for Carpentries work, please get in touch.


  • Biotech Partners Biotech Partners donated $5,000 in June, 2020 to The Carpentries organisation general fund in appreciation of Data Carpentry’s work to provide computational training for San Francisco Bay Area high school students in lieu of wet lab experience due to COVID19.

  • RStudio RStudio donated $10,000 in August, 2019 and December 2020 to The Carpentries organisation general fund to support our shared mission of bringing more people to coding communities.

  • How to be a modern scientist Proceeds from the book How to be a modern scientist, written by Jeffrey Leek, support the work of Data Carpentry.

  • Several individuals donate to The Carpentries general fund. We did not initially ask for permission to publish their names here, so are in the process of creating this list.

The Carpentries Philanthropy

As part of The Carpentries efforts to build global capacity in essential data and computational skills, we are looking for those who want to engage with us on a deeper level. From opportunities to directly support and help fund our programs, to sneak peeks into what our Core Team is working on, this mailing list will serve as a bridge between the work we have done and the work we hope to do with your help.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can help us be the leading inclusive community teaching data and coding skills, please register for our mailing list. And as always, thank you for being a part of our community.

In Kind Support

  • Amazon AWS Amazon AWS has provided educational credits that we use to run workshops on cloud computing services, particularly the Data Carpentry Genomics workshop.
  • DigitalOcean DigitalOcean is providing credits for two servers that we use to generate our workshop reports and learner certificates.
  • Rackspace Rackspace has provided server and cloud credits to support our web architecture.

Additional Supporters

  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) We have a collaborative agreement with the USDA to support instructor training and training for data and software skills throughout the USDA.
  • Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory We have an agreement with the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory to support instructor training and training for data and software skills in their community.

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