Community Sessions

Community Sessions are designed for everyone in The Carpentries community interested in learning, educating and advocating for teaching foundational coding and data science skills globally. Session topics range anywhere from teaching workshops and developing curricula to building local communities and assessing the impact of our workshops globally.

Community Sessions are free and open to anyone. They provide opportunities to connect with The Carpentries community. There are three types:

  1. Community Discussion Session structured (e.g., panel discussion with Q&A) or flexibly structured session (e.g., networking session) on any topic relevant to the community that can be in any format of the host’s choosing

  2. Skill-up Session session offering a professional development opportunity for the community where hosts teach relevant skills

  3. Collaboration Session session providing dedicated time and space to co-develop a community resource or to co-work on any community activity

Attend any Community Session by signing up on the community-discussions Etherpad. You can also add an event to your calendar by visiting our Community Calendar.

Interested in hosting a Community Session? Contact the Community Development Team.

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