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swc logo nl NWO Institutes
Instructors: Pieter Willem Groen, Willem Jan Palenstijn, Reinder Radersma
Nov 28 - Feb 6, 2023
cp logo au University of Melbourne **
Instructors: Maria del Mar Quiroga, Jean Dinco, Jair Garcia
Feb 2 - Feb 9, 2023
dc logo us globe image Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center
Instructors: Ayesha Sultana, Lyrric Jackson, Douglas Joubert, Marijane White
Feb 4 - Feb 5, 2023
lc logo de globe image ZB MED - Information Centre for Life Sciences (online)
Instructors: Rabea Müller, Vanessa Scharf
Feb 6 - Feb 7, 2023
cp logo au globe image Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation (QCIF) **
Instructors: Adewuyi Ayodele Adeyinka, William Perez, David Green
Helpers: Tom Strating, Isaac Jennings
Feb 7 - Feb 10, 2023
cp logo us globe image NASA DEVELOP & Colorado State University (online) **
Instructors: Robert Byles, Dan Carver, Sarah Hettema, Daniel Mangosing, Brendan McAndrew, Kenton Ross, Caroline Williams
Helpers: Amanda Clayton, Sean McCartney, Lisa Tahn, Kathryn Caruso, Ryan Healey, Carli Merrick, Michael Pazmino
Feb 7 - Feb 15, 2023
cp logo au globe image Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation (QCIF) **
Instructors: Craig Windell, Marlies Hankel
Feb 13 - Feb 14, 2023
cp logo gb globe image online (online) **
Instructors: Jannetta Steyn, Fernando Andreu
Helpers: Ilinia Moitra
Feb 14 - Feb 14, 2023
cp logo au globe image Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation (QCIF) **
Instructors: Pauline Lawrey, Jason Bell
Helpers: Angela Mina Vargas, Billy Kenzler
Feb 21 - Feb 24, 2023
dc logo ca Brock University
Instructors: Tim Ribaric, Daniel Brett
Helpers: John Fink, Fletcher Johnson, Cal Murgu
Feb 23 - Feb 24, 2023
swc logo us University of Miami
Instructors: Cameron Riopelle, Thilani Samarakoon, Gabriel Odom, Timothy Norris
Helpers: Dana Godrich, Anny Rodriguez, Catalina Canizares Escobar
Feb 23 - Feb 24, 2023
swc logo gb National Oceanography Centre, Liverpool
Instructors: Colin Sauze
Feb 28 - Mar 1, 2023
swc logo fr University of Strasbourg
Instructors: Giordano Lipari, Omayma Said
Mar 2 - Mar 3, 2023
dc logo us Rutgers University
Instructors: Daniel Kerchner, Trisha Adamus
Mar 13 - Mar 14, 2023
cp logo nl globe image Universiteit van Amsterdam, Radboud Universiteit,Universiteit Leiden, Vrije Universiteit, Tilburg University (online) **
Instructors: Alice Doek, Kristina Hettne, Peter Verhaar, Matthijs de Zwaan
Helpers: Puck Wildschut, Levi Damsma
Mar 27 - Apr 4, 2023
swc logo de Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology
Instructors: Carsten Fortmann-Grote, Nikoleta Glynatsi
Helpers: Beate Gericke
Apr 4 - Apr 6, 2023
cp logo fi University of Oslo **
Instructors: Espen Rosenquist
Helpers: Désirée Treichler, Elisa Pierfederici
May 3 - May 3, 2023
swc logo fi Skidaway Institute of Oceanography
Instructors: Lucy Quirk, Claire Zwiers Cook
May 19 - May 20, 2023

** Workshops marked with asterisks are based on curriculum from The Carpentries lesson programs but may not follow our standard workshop format.

globe image Workshops with a globe icon are being held online. The corresponding flag notes the country where the host organisation is based.

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