We Appreciate Lesson Maintainers!

Maintainers help keep lessons healthy and workshops running smoothly.

We would like to sincerely thank the Data Carpentry, Library Carpentry, and Software Carpentry lesson Maintainers for their behind-the-scenes work that makes all of our workshops and independent learning possible.

Across our three Lesson Programs, we have 111 Maintainers, who work in teams to evaluate, respond to, and incorporate feedback and suggestions for improvement from workshop Instructors, helpers, learners, and folks who are using our lessons for independent learning. Our 111 Lesson Maintainers support our 51 official Carpentries lessons and workshop overview pages, and help provide feedback on our lesson template to guide its development.

Along with the day-to-day work of monitoring Issues and Pull Requests on their lesson repositories, Maintainers also keep their lessons up-to-date with changes in the technologies we teach and participate in lesson releases. This year, Maintainers drove the publication of 27 lessons, collaborating with over 1000 contributors to create stable, teachable, and well-documented versions of those lessons. This included a Spanish-language version of one of the Data Carpentry Python lessons and a major redesign of the Data Carpentry Genomics curriculum, as well as the first-ever publication of 5 Library Carpentry lessons.

This year also marked the inauguration of The Carpentries Incubator as a place for community-led proposal, collaboration, and development of new lessons. The Incubator will be developing significantly in the coming year, with support from two new full-time team members.

Thank you to all of The Carpentries Maintainers for keeping lessons healthy and workshops running smoothly!

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