We Appreciate Instructors and Helpers!

As at December 2019, Carpentries Instructors and Helpers have made over 2,440 workshops possible!

We would like to express our deepest appreciation to instructors and helpers in The Carpentries community. Instructors and helpers all over the world include researchers, librarians, scientists, students, and many others from a wide range of backgrounds, disciplines, career stages and counties. Instructors and helpers not only teach workshops but also inspire others to share their knowledge, skills, and even to become a part of The Carpentries community or to become an instructor or helper themselves.

Throughout 2019, nearly 1000 Instructors and 1000 helpers have supported more than:

  • 350 Self-Organised workshops
  • 200 Centrally-Organised workshops
  • 13,000 Learners

This could not have been achieved without the help of Instructors and helpers who volunteer their time to support their local and global communities.

Select Green Stickies from the Learners:

  • “Such a pleasant, hospitable environment!”
  • “Instructors are very helpful and very kind.”
  • “Very clear and instructive. Thank you”
  • “Great Job! Thank you”
  • “Best and most interactive learning experience ever! ”
  • “The lesson on R function, particularly checks on inputs, was really helpful and well-explained.”
  • “Effectively communicated what Git is and why we should use it in research”
  • “Excellent instructors; appreciated help in between sessions, e.g., when doing exercises”
  • “I like how there are people to support while the instructor taught”
  • “Very good instructor! Everything is clear. Great sense of humor.”
  • “Great Course + Knowledgeable instructors and helpers”
  • “I very much enjoyed the workshop and I learned a lot.”

Instructors & helpers, we thank you for your contributions and time. You have made a difference through your dedication and continued support of workshops, mentor groups, community discussions, committees & task forces, instructor development, lesson development, lesson maintenance, within the community, and the list continues. Your shared ideas and input (through pull requests, issues on GitHub, emails, slack, etc.), along with your energy and enthusiasm keep all of us moving forward. Thank You!

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