CarpentryConnect Events in 2020

Three regional Carpentries community events will take place this year. Read on and find out if one is scheduled in your region and how to participate in an event near you.

The first community conference designed for the global Carpentries community, CarpentryCon 2018, was held in Dublin, Ireland between May 30 and June 1 of that year.

Since then, community members have expressed great interest in coming together more frequently to exchange ideas and knowledge, collaborate and network, and have found the opportunity to do so in smaller events in their regions and cities. To create a distinction between the global Carpentries community conferences - CarpentryCon, and regional community convenings, The Carpentries dubbed the latter CarpentryConnects.

Three CarpentryConnect events have taken place to date and they are:

In addition to our global community conference, CarpentryCon 2020, which is scheduled for June 2020 in Madison, three more regional Carpentries events are set to take place in New Zealand, Germany, and the East Coast, US in 2020. Carpentries community members that are involved in planning for these events are keen to get as many people from their respective regions involved in activities around these events, and have provided more detail about their CarpentryConnects below:

CarpentryConnect DunedIn, February 11 2020

By: Murray Cadzow

On the 11th February 2020, the day before the eResearchNZ 2020 conference, New Zealand’s first CarpentryConnect is happening in Dunedin, New Zealand. Co-hosted by the University of Otago and NeSI. The event will be a gathering of Carpentries communities from across New Zealand and abroad, with a focus on enhancing community networks and sharing successes and challenges. There will be regional updates, how-to workshops, skills and techniques of improvisation workshop, and a chance to bring, share and connect.

CarpentryConnect DC, May 12 2020

By: Daniel Kerchner

In the Western Hemisphere, CarpentryConnect DC will be held in Washington, DC, USA on 12 May 2020. You will be able to experience a bit of West Coast on the East Coast, as CarpentryConnect DC will be held a day before csv,conf,v5 (previously organised in Portland, Oregon). The exact location for CarpentryConnect DC will be announced soon.

CarpentryConnect DC is still in the planning stages and if you would like to join in the planning, please fill this form and we will be in touch. We are also keen to hear your ideas for topics and sessions you would like covered on the day. What would you like to learn? What would you like to discuss? Let us know in the same form.

We will continue to share details about CarpentryConnect DC on this blog in the coming weeks.

CarpentryConnect Germany 2020

By: Toby Hodges

Community members in Europe are encouraged to get involved with the organisation of a meeting planned to take place in Germany this year. We’re still finalising a date and venue, both of which we hope to have sorted by the end of January. If you’re interested in helping make this event happen, please get in touch. If you’d like to attend the event, keep an eye out for more announcements on this blog!

Do you have any questions about any of the upcoming CarpentryConnect events in 2020? Type the in the comments section below, and one of the organisers will respond as soon as possible.

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