Our Regional Coordinators

Around the world, Carpentries workshops are organized by a team of Regional Coordinators.

Our core team Deputy Director of Workshops and Meetings, SherAaron Hurt, manages workshops in most of the world. In some parts of the world, local Carpenters support managing local workshops and building local communities. They work with our member sites or as volunteers.

Regional Coordinators are the front face of The Carpentries, promoting our work and our culture in their geographical area. They manage workshop logistics, communicate with hosts and Instructors, and respond to general inquiries. The Regional Coordinators work together to support each other and ensure communities can thrive locally while maintaining quality and consistency globally.

Read more about the Regional Coordinators' role.

Meet our Regional Coordinators and Carpentries communities in these regions. Click on the region name to learn more about this community.


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Damien Irving


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James Desjardins

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John Simpson

DACH Countries

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Rabea Müller

New Zealand

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Megan Guidry

Nordic Countries

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Naoe Tatara

South Africa

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Angelique Trusler

United Kingdom

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Giacomo Peru

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Aleksandra Nenadic


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SherAaron Hurt

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