We Appreciate the Regional Coordinators!

Regional Coordinators keep our workshops going!

How did The Carpentries oversee 543 workshops globally this year?! Two words…. Regional Coordinators! Around the world, Carpentries workshops are organised by a team of eight Regional Coordinators.

Regional Coordinators are the front face of The Carpentries, promoting our work and our culture in their geographical area. They manage workshop logistics, communicate with hosts and Instructors, and respond to general inquiries. The Regional Coordinators work together to support each other and ensure communities can thrive locally while maintaining quality and consistency globally.

The Regional Coordinators are:

The work our team does to reach our global community would not be possible without the input of our regional coordinators. Each Regional Coordinator brings enthusiasm, innovation and commitment to their role. They are able to share with us how to improve our processes and workflows to better accommodate our community!

This year, with the help of the Regional Coordinators we were able to create a wishlist of ALL the tasks we would like to have automated surrounding Workshop Administration, began the process for automating emails, launched a new Workshop Request Form, and updated the workshops section of The Carpentries website. You can read all about it here.

We are so grateful for the work that our Regional Coordinators do. THANK YOU so much!

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