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We Appreciate Library Carpentry

A message of gratitude from Ariel Deardorff, co-Chair of the Library Carpentry Advisory Council

Feedback: Remote Teaching of Genomics Data Carpentry Curriculum

Daniel Ouso and Bianca Peterson share their experience from instructing a Genomics workshop in Nairobi, Kenya in December 2019

Registration for CarpentryCon 2020 is Now Open

We cannot wait to see you in Madison, get your conference ticket today!

Introducing Our New Director of Instructor Training

Karen Word will serve as our new Director of Instructor Training and oversee the expansion of this program

Expanding the Carpentries Community in California Academic Libraries

Today we are announcing a new project to help build regional training partnerships in California

CarpentryConnect Events in 2020

Three regional Carpentries community events will take place this year. Read on and find out if one is scheduled in your region and how to participate in an event near you.

We are Hiring an Executive Director. Join Our Team.

The Carpentries Searches for a New Executive Director

Announcing the 2020 Executive Council for The Carpentries

We are grateful for the Carpentries team - and the Executive Director

We appreciate the Carpentries team

Job Opening to Develop an Astronomy Curriculum for Data Carpentry

Support from American Institute of Physics to develop Astronomy curriculum

Gratitude and the mission of fiscal sponsorship

Partnering for global good

We Appreciate the Regional Coordinators!

Regional Coordinators keep our workshops going!

We Appreciate Lesson Maintainers!

Maintainers help keep lessons healthy and workshops running smoothly.

We Appreciate Instructors and Helpers!

As at December 2019, Carpentries Instructors and Helpers have made over 2,440 workshops possible!

We Appreciate Community Initiatives, our Fiscal Sponsor!

Partnering for global good

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