Our Reports

This page holds all reports published by The Carpentries’ Core Team and Governance since early 2018.

Annual Reports

Our annual reports serve as a high-level summary of The Carpentries work, providing a succinct introduction to our organisation for potential funders, new members, and others joining our community. These reports also serve as a rich resource for our existing community members, showcasing the work and growth of our community and providing a summary of the previous year, and what we plan to achieve in the coming year. Our annual reports also include a short overview of our finances for the year.

Referencing Annual Reports

Our annual reports are published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. Artistic images and photographs are licensed to the image creators as described in each report.

Financial reports

Our Financial Reports are created in the interest of transparency, and to help communicate information on financial planning, and sustainability in The Carpentries more broadly with our global community. They contain information about key sources of income for The Carpentries, our programmatic expenditure and income, new grant funding and community sponsorship, and a summary of our financial position at the time of release.

Grant Reports

Our grant reports are detailed summaries of work that our Core Team has collaborated on with the community in fulfillment of grant funding. These reports provide additional details beyond our blog posts, including detailed progress on each grant deliverable, challenges encountered, and lessons learned through this work.

Assessment Reports

Governance Reports

CarpentryCon Reports

Code of Conduct Reports

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