Piloting Automated Emails for Carpentries Workshops

The Workshop Administration Team at The Carpentries will be testing a new workflow from February 24

Organising a Carpentries Workshop requires many steps - not only for the workshop organiser and instructor, but also for the Regional Coordinators.

So far this year, The Carpentries has scheduled 59 workshops. On average, Regional Coordinators must complete 17 steps when organising a Self-Organised workshop and 31 steps for Centrally-Organised workshops. The Workshop Administration Team (WAT) recognises this can be overwhelming and have been working to make the workflow more efficient.

One of the ways to reduce the amount of time and tasks will be to automate the emails that are sent routinely. WAT has taken time to identify which emails would be useful to automate and which emails should still come directly from the Regional Coordinator.

From 24 February, we will be piloting several automated emails in the US and in South Africa. These emails will be identified as being piloted. We do not anticipate any hiccups, however, should you notice anything unconventional please let us know immediately by contacting team@carpentries.org. Moreover, we are asking everyone to complete a survey that will be provided in the follow-up email for your workshop. Your feedback will be essential to the implementation of this project.

It is because of YOU, our community members, that we have managed to support over 2500 workshops to date! In order to sustain, go beyond and exceed expectations we understand the need for improving our workflows. In accordance with our Core Values to “Act Openly” , the WAT wanted you to be aware of the upcoming changes.

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