Expanding the Carpentries Community in California Academic Libraries

Today we are announcing a new project to help build regional training partnerships in California

As the Data Services Librarian at the University of California, San Francisco, and co-chair of the Library Carpentry Advisory Committee, I have been privileged to witness the transformative impact of data and software training for librarians. Whether it is a cataloging librarian figuring out how to automate data uploads, an instruction librarian realizing there is an easier way to clean their messy class registration data, or a research data management librarian who now has the language to connect with computational researchers, data training allows librarians to become invaluable resources to their libraries and academic communities. I am therefore very excited to share that I will be working with The Carpentries Team on a special project to develop the Carpentries community in academic libraries across California. The goal of this project is to create sustainable communities of academic libraries that can work together to make computational training more accessible to librarians and the communities that they serve. As part of this project, I will be reaching out to promote the work of the Carpentries in regional library groups, piloting new membership models for library networks and consortia, assisting with Library Carpentry workshops across the state, and offering more instructor training opportunities for California librarians.

Are you a California librarian interested in what the Carpentries can offer your library? Want to learn more about hosting a Library Carpentry workshop? Send me an email at ariel.deardorff@ucsf.edu.

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