Help Us Find Sponsors for CarpentryCon 2020

CarpentryCon 2020's Budget subcommittee has prepared a Sponsorship Kit to guide you in reaching out to potential sponsors

The CarpentryCon 2020 Taskforce is excited to be planning the second CarpentryCon that will be held on June 29 - July 1st 2020 at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA! The Budget Subcommittee has been working on a conference Sponsorship Kit, and we are pleased to share with it with the community and request for your support.

We know that the cost of the conference to community members, - registration, travel, accommodation - is just as important as the location. We want to ensure that you have the best experience at the lowest rate possible. To do so, the Budget Subcommittee has developed a Sponsorship Model to allow organisations and individuals to contribute financially to CarpentryCon 2020, and help offset some of the costs for community members to attend the conference!

We Need Your Help

One of the incredible strengths of this community is our diversity; there are organisations and individuals in our networks who would be able to support CarpentryCon 2020, and the Budget Subcommittee needs your help finding them!

The Budget Subcommittee has created a conference Sponsorship Kit that contains all the information you need to help us encourage potential sponsors to complete the sponsorship application. The kit contains the following:

Becoming a Sponsor letter: use this templated email as the initial contact to the potential donor. There are areas for you to add your personal touch. You are welcome to adjust this letter to your needs The Carpentries Annual Report from 2018: this provides additional information about The Carpentries Conference Sponsorship Tiers: this outlines all of the available ways to be a sponsor and list the benefits.

We do not expect you to cold call people and request that you only reach out to people you already have connections with.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are uncomfortable emailing people but interested in lending a hand, there are other ways you can help. If you would prefer us to contact them and share the benefits of becoming a sponsor, please complete this form.

Lastly, we are compiling a list of potential sponsors we will be contacting. If you have any suggestions or have companies you would like to add, please email

The Carpentries values Community Collaboration and All Contributions, and we hope to execute another great CarpentryCon with your support.

Please be sure to continue to check the Carpentry Con2020 website for more updates.

A big thank you to Alfred P. Sloan foundation for making CarpentryCon 2020 possible.

Budget Subcommittee,
CarpentryCon 2020 Task Force

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