Announcing our new Maintainer Community Lead

Join us in welcoming Angela Li as our Maintainer Community Lead!

We are pleased to announce that Angela Li is now serving as Maintainer Community Lead. Angela’s work in this role is supported by her home institution, the University of Chicago. She will be helping to reboot our Maintainer Onboarding program, recruit and onboard new Maintainers, and develop a sustainable way to support our Maintainer community.

Maintainers are a key part of The Carpentries community, acting as the backbone that supports our open-source curriculum and keeps our many lessons healthy. We’re looking forward to having Angela on board to support the Maintainer community in their lesson development and maintenance role. Welcome to the team, Angela!

Message from Angela Li

Hi folks! Glad to be joining The Carpentries team. I am a research staff member at the Center for Spatial Data Science at the University of Chicago. I have a background in spatial econometrics, but my day-to-day work consists of developing open source spatial analysis resources and teaching social science researchers how to use geospatial data and spatial analysis in their work. I am a certified Carpentries Instructor and am heavily involved in building The Carpentries community at my institution. I have also played a large role in the R-Ladies Chicago community and a number of open-source R and spatial initiatives, so I am excited to bring my community building experience to The Carpentries Maintainer community. I’m looking forward to engaging with the Maintainer community and providing ongoing support for this crucial piece of The Carpentries mission. Find me at @CivicAngela on Twitter!

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