New Year Message from The Carpentries Acting Executive Director

We will continue building capacity - together.

Not too long ago, a few members of our team participated in a ‘mini book club’. We read Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain. In this book, author Zaretta Hammond recommends that we find real and virtual mentors who have walked the path of committing to be effective educators of culturally diverse learners. Reflecting on that recommendation, I realised that it describes The Carpentries community.

Our vision is to be the leading inclusive community teaching data and coding skills. That vision is fueled by each and every Instructor, community leader, and Champion advocating for our Core Values in workshops, instructor training, and virtually through our communication pathways.

You are committed to your craft, you are advocating for inclusivity, and as we have crossed the threshold into another decade, I anticipate an even greater level of collaboration, access, and strength through diversity as we empower the world to work with data and code to answer questions that are important to them, and address challenges in science and society.

As we search for a new Executive Director, rest assured that our Executive Council, team, task force and committee leads are working together with the community. We will continue to build capacity together, teach together, learn together, and grow together. I am confident in that, and do you know why? Because our community would not have it any other way!

Your vision is our vision! Thank you for keeping us accountable and strong. Wishing everyone a happy and impactful New Year!

Kari L. Jordan, Acting Executive Director

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