We Appreciate Library Carpentry

A message of gratitude from Ariel Deardorff, co-Chair of the Library Carpentry Advisory Council

I am incredibly grateful for the Library Carpentry Advisory Committee (Birgit, Yared, Liz, David, Julie, Tim, Konrad, Jeff, John, Tim, Chris, Mark, Phil, and Carmi) for taking on the work of guiding Library Carpentry into the next chapter. Specific shoutouts to Chris Erdmann for his work making Library Carpentry a fully-fledged part of The Carpentries, Liz Stokes for taking on the role of co-chair with me, and Carmi Cronje for her leadership on the Curriculum Committee. We have an ambitious set of goals for the next couple of years and I look forward to growing this community together.

I would also like to thank the librarians and library staff who volunteer to teach and organise our workshops, and develop our curriculum. I just helped out at a Library Carpentry workshop recently and it was so amazing to see those “aha” moment when a librarian writes their first shell script or tries OpenRefine for the first time. The more we grow our skills and learn together the more we have the power to transform our libraries for the benefit of all the communities that we serve. It is very exciting to be a part of that transformation and we couldn’t do it without all the folks that volunteer their time and expertise.

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