Registration for CarpentryCon 2020 is Now Open

We cannot wait to see you in Madison, get your conference ticket today!

2020 is here and we are a few months away from one of the biggest Carpentries events of the year - CarpentryCon 2020! The Task Force is working hard to plan an exceptional event, and we are excited to announce that conference registration is now open.

We cordially invite you to register for CarpentryCon 2020. The conference is set to take place between June 29 and July 1, 2020 at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA where we will be “Growing Inclusive, Computational Communities and Leaders”.

The agenda will be filled with workshops, networking and community building. Attending this event will

  • be a great way to meet others in the community that you have talked to and collaborated with online,
  • allow you to hear from local Carpentries champions about tried and tested methods for building strong local communities
  • give you access to sessions when you will share and learn essential skills around coding, leading projects, community organisation, curriculum development and other professional development ‘must-haves’

This is the event you do not want to miss. Go ahead and mark your calendars and get your conference ticket today!

CarpentryCon is a non-profit, community-run conference. Ticket sales will help offset costs for catering as well as venue costs and travel support for speakers/attendees. While CarpentryCon prides itself on hosting all that are interested, we trust and appreciate that conference registrants will choose the highest ticket tier that they or their institution can afford.

If you plan to apply for financial support through a Participant Stipend, please do not register yet. You will be given further instructions as part of the financial aid applicants process.

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