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Calling Local Midwest US Instructors!

We are starting a monthly community call for Instructors in the midwest US.

CarpentryCon @ Home Session Topics

Find the CarpentryCon @ Home sessions that meet your interests

The Software Sustainability Institute's Guidance for Running Online Training

The following is guidance based on the Software Sustainability Institute staff and collaborators running online training events.

Letter from The Carpentries Executive Director, July 2020

Global Capacity Building for Inclusive Computational Communities

Join Us for CarpentryCon @ Home: 14 July - 31 August

CarpentryCon @ Home begins next week! The 7-week long event starts with a keynote by Dr. Kari L. Jordan on 13 July and the first session on 14 July

Lessons Learned - Teaching Carpentries Workshops Online in Sweden, May 2020

This post covers instructors' experiences teaching SQL, OpenRefine, and Python over the course of 4 online sessions in late May

Going Online: How we organised the first ever virtual csvconf

In this post, csvconf.com organisers detail how they moved an in-person community conference online in a few weeks, and the lessons they picked up along the way

Online Workshop Logistics and Screen Layouts

Online workshop logistics and how learners would set up their screens if they only had a single monitor.

Looking Back and Looking Forward: Scaling Collaborative Curriculum Development

Learn what we have accomplished with support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Lessons Learned - Teaching Carpentries Workshop Online UCLA Spring 2020

This post covers instructors' experiences from teaching an online workshop at UCLA

Outlining a Successful Virtual Software Carpentry Workshop on Zoom

This post covers instructors' experiences running a four-day online Software Carpentry workshop at the University of Washington

Reading and Reflection Days for The Carpentries Core Team

Going forwards, Carpentries Core Team will set aside one work day a month to read and reflect. Friday, June 12 will be the first of these.

Call for Proposal Review and CarpentryCon @ Home Regional Hosts

The CarpentryCon @ Home Task Force would appreciate community feedback on proposals, and seeks regional hosts to help facilitate sessions at the conference.

The Carpentries’ 2020 Strategic Focus and Path Forward

Read on to learn about our strategic plan progress

A Call for Allyship and Solidarity

The Carpentries Core Team advocates for empathy, empowerment, and equity

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