How to Recruit Instructors for Self-Organised Workshops

Here are a set of resources to help you recruit instructors for Self-Organised workshops

It has been nearly four months since The Carpentries started offering online workshops. With the release of version two of the online workshop recommendations, we have been able to offer resources for all instructors to effectively organise a workshop.

The Carpentries Workshop Administration Team has seen an increase in workshop activity, particularly for Self-Organised workshops. Being able to offer Carpentries workshops online allows organisations to reach a wider audience and we are extremely excited.

If you are organising a Self-Organised workshop, there are resources for you to recruit Instructors, Supporting Instructors and/or helpers. Below are the channels you can use:

  • Any local or group-specific mailing list on TopicBox.
  • Any local or group-specific slack channel.

We ask that you only use the resources listed above. Please do not use the following channels to recruit instructors or helpers for Self-Organised workshops:

For more information about our Lists in TopicBox please refer to this blogpost. If you would like a local mailing list or slack channel created or need help subscribing to one, please contact

We would like to encourage you to continue to coordinate Self-Organised workshops. Please be sure to register your workshop so that we can give you credit and provide you with the survey links to help you prepare for your workshops.

See our FAQ page for more information. The Workshop Administration Team or your Regional Coordinator is here to help you.

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