Now What? Next Steps After CarpentryCon @ Home

CarpentryCon @ Home may be over, but the learning should continue.

A big thank you to Alfred P. Sloan foundation for making CarpentryCon @ Home possible.

First: if you attended CarpentryCon @ Home, please give us your feedback here!

CarpentryCon @ Home featured an incredible array of sessions on a wide variety of topics relevant to the Carpentries community. There was so much wisdom and experience shared across the 30+ sessions that whether you attended many sessions or were unable to attend at all, there is probably more you wanted to get out of the event!

Read on for five suggestions on how to continue to engage with the CarpentryCon @ Home session materials and pick one or two actions that work best for you!

1. Make a “review date”

Put an hour-long slot on your calendar RIGHT NOW to review content from CarpentryCon @ Home. Maybe link this blog post to it as a reference.

  • pause while you go do this *

When that time rolls around, use it to engage with the CarpentryCon @ Home sessions in whatever way you choose. You could plan to watch a recording, read through the notes on the etherpad, or go through your own notes. If you do not know where to start, pick a few sessions that look interesting and skim their notes or recordings.

2. Pick “one thing”

As part of a “review date” on your calendar (or separately) pick one thing that you want to take away from CarpentryCon @ Home and how you can implement it. Set a reminder, ask someone to hold you accountable, or put a note on the wall to make it happen.

(hat tip to Angela Li for suggesting this at the first Fireside Chat)

3. Get other people on board

Are you a member of a local Carpentries community? Are you a member of a group that is Carpentries friendly? Do you have a colleague who might be interested in co-working?

To help you accomplish the above ideas, consider organizing a meeting or co-working session where the group goes through a CarpentryCon @ Home session, either individually or together. Discuss or report back what you learned and what actions you can take.

(See this great post from fireside chat participants Stefanie Butland and Naomi Penfold on co-working!)

4. Lead a discussion

The community knowledge sharing from CarpentryCon @ Home can continue through themed community discussion sessions! If there is a topic you would like to share on or revisit, consider volunteering to lead a community discussion. Sign ups are closed for the fall, but you can contact Angelique Trusler about additional sessions or joining a mailing list for future sign ups.

5. Check out The Carpentries blog

We are hoping to publish more blog posts from individual sessions with summaries, takeaways and calls to action. Stay tuned!

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