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Make a recurring gift via GitHub Sponsors to support The Carpentries’ curriculum

We have launched a GitHub Sponsorship page to fund revisions to several Carpentries lessons.

Apply to become a Curriculum Advisor

Curriculum Advisors provide high-level leadership for lessons. Apply by September 29

Welcome to our Newest Lesson Maintainers!

Eighteen new Lesson Maintainers badged

The 2021 Instructor Training Report

We are excited to release the first Instructor Training Report!

Updates on the Member Organisation Council

Our next Member Organisation Council meeting will be held 22 September at 15:00 and 23:00 UTC

Reactivating the Curriculum Advisory Committees

The Carpentries is looking for members to join the newly reactivated Curriculum Advisory Committees

Incubator Lesson Spotlight: Programming with Julia

Get involved in the community’s development of a new lesson to teach Julia to novices.

The Carpentries Community Facilitators Program: 6-months in

Feedback is important for The Carpentries’ growth

Highlighting our strategic plan efforts to support local community building

CarpentryConnect South Africa is a significant milestone in our Strategic Plan for 2020-2025

Welcome to our New Instructor Trainers

Introducing Fourteen New Trainers

Introducing the new Executive Council Standing Committees

Read on to learn more about the context and responsibilities of the new Executive Council Standing Committees

New book: Research Software Engineering with Python

Written by Carpentries community members, Research Software Engineering with Python covers several topics related to organising data science projects, testing software and more

Introducing The Carpentries Director of Community, Alycia Crall

The Carpentries Welcomes Alycia Crall, Director of Community

Incubator Lesson Spotlight: Analysis and Interpretation of Bulk RNA-Seq Data using Bioconductor

Highlighting this lesson from The Carpentries Incubator, teaching RNA-Seq data analysis with Bioconductor

Wrapping Up the Carpentries Python Curriculum Project

Read on to learn about Carpentries Instructor Vini Salazar's work and accomplishments with regard to the Carpentries Python Curriculum

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