Introducing The Carpentries Sponsorship Program

The Carpentries is piloting a sponsorship program for 2021-2022

Over the past two years, we have explored several models to strengthen our organisational structure and capacity to be strategic and responsive, from both the programmatic and financial perspectives. We secured several grants to improve our technical infrastructure and core programs. We developed long-lasting partnerships with minority-serving organisations, libraries, and open science communities. We also piloted a donation campaign - we raised $15,445!

All of these efforts are in alignment with our strategic plan for 2020-2025, and today I am excited to announce an initiative that will diversify the organisation’s revenue stream while helping us attract like-minded organisations that want to be a part of the amazing and valuable work we are doing.

Introducing The Carpentries Sponsorship Program

We are piloting a sponsorship program for 2021-2022 to support The Carpentries mission and vision. Potential sponsors will be asked to complete an application to ensure alignment with The Carpentries Values and will receive incentives like recognition on The Carpentries website, a digital supporter badge, and mention in The Carpentries newsletter.

Benefits Empowerment $150K
Limit 2
Champion $50K Limit 4 Supporter $25K Contributer $10K Advocate $5K
Digital supporter badge
Carpentries Philanthropy Recognition
Logo on
Mention in The Carpentries Newsletter
Logo on
Social media visibility
CarpentryCon Registration, Sponsor Table, & Recognition
Logo listed on The Carpentries Blog
Original Blog Post
Themed Community Discussion
Data, Software, or Library Carpentry Workshop

We are actively seeking to engage with like-minded, mission-aligned organisations to pilot our sponsorship program. If your organisation is interested in sponsoring The Carpentries, please complete the Sponsorship Program Application, or get in touch with us via email.

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