Make a recurring gift via GitHub Sponsors to support The Carpentries’ curriculum

We have launched a GitHub Sponsorship page to fund revisions to several Carpentries lessons.

Open science practices are at the core of all The Carpentries’ work, and therefore at The Carpentries we are intentional and dedicated to making our lesson materials openly available, collaboratively developed, and up to date. Our community of practice is dedicated to increasing the accessibility of data skills, and the diversity of people who use them. We develop and maintain lessons in foundational computational and data science skills and offer pedagogical training to instructors, empowering positive and effective peer-to-peer instruction. A truly amazing community has grown around our mission, and it is because of the generous support we receive from community members that we are continuing to thrive.

Part of our mission is maintaining curricula that meet the needs of data science learners, teachers, and practitioners. For some of our core lessons, it has been more than 5 years since their last significant update. To continue to be the leading inclusive community teaching data and coding skills, we have launched The Carpentries GitHub Sponsorship Page to support the revitalization of several Data Carpentry and Software Carpentry lessons.

We will use sponsorship funding to pay Carpentries community members who are subject matter experts to modernize the following lessons:

We invite you to make a recurring contribution or one-time gift. Our goal is $1,000 in sponsorship per month. Once we reach our sponsorship goal we will provide more details about getting involved with this work.

As always, we value your support and feedback. Get in touch with us, and join the Carpentries Philanthropy mailing list to learn more about ways to support the organisation financially.

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