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Introducing the new Executive Council Standing Committees

Read on to learn more about the context and responsibilities of the new Executive Council Standing Committees

New book: Research Software Engineering with Python

Written by Carpentries community members, Research Software Engineering with Python covers several topics related to organising data science projects, testing software and more

Introducing The Carpentries Director of Community, Alycia Crall

The Carpentries Welcomes Alycia Crall, Director of Community

Incubator Lesson Spotlight: Analysis and Interpretation of Bulk RNA-Seq Data using Bioconductor

Highlighting this lesson from The Carpentries Incubator, teaching RNA-Seq data analysis with Bioconductor

Wrapping Up the Carpentries Python Curriculum Project

Read on to learn about Carpentries Instructor Vini Salazar's work and accomplishments with regard to the Carpentries Python Curriculum

On the governance of The Carpentries

We are clarifying the roles and responsibilities of the Executive Council

Reflecting on our first Alpha Test of the Lesson Infrastructure Redesign

Ensuring our redesign is friendly and usable for maintainers at all skill levels.

Incubator Lesson Spotlight: Foundational Computer Skills

Highlighting a lesson beginning development in The Carpentries Incubator, Foundational Computer Skills.


First Software Carpentry Workshop in Japanese

Announcing Alfred P. Sloan Foundation award to advance The Carpentries Equity and Inclusion goals for training researchers of color.

The Carpentries has been awarded an 18-month grant to advance equitable outcomes in data literacy for Black, Latinx, and Indigenous researchers in the U.S.

Recruiting Instructors for Self-Organised Workshops

Channels/resources available for recruiting Instructors

Apply for the current round of Carpentries Maintainer Onboarding!

The Carpentries is preparing to onboard the next round of Maintainers. Applications due 16 July, 2021

Registration for CarpentryConnect South Africa 2021 now open!

The main goal of CarpentryConnect South Africa 2021 is to build capacity for workshops through instructor training, and establish a network for the regional Carpentries community.

100 Members Strong, A Community Accomplishment

Carpentries Director of Partnerships, Al Obayuwana, writes a post commemorating 100 Carpentries memberships

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