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The Carpentries Blog

Tips for Organising Your First Carpentries Workshop

In this post, Angela Li and Jessica Trelogan share tried and tested strategies for organising successful Carpentries workshops

Teaching Software Carpentry at the University of Botswana

In this post, Raniere Silva shares reflections from teaching a software carpentry workshop in Botswana

Export to Etherpad: a New Extra in the Instructor-Training Repository

A new tool for instructor-trainers to make preparation for a new workshop easier.

The Carpentries Tagathon - Our Hacktoberfest Initiative

This October, read and suggest relevant tags for posts published on The Data Carpentry, Library Carpentry and Software Carpentry blogs

RStudio's Instructor Training Program

How Rstudio's instructor training builds on the Carpentries.

Catching Up on Executive Council Policy Making

Here's an update from The Carpentries Executive Council about recent and ongoing work, and with links to relevant resources

The Carpentries Canadian Community Discussion

Chat with Canadian Regional Coordinators

Livening Up Live Coding

Matt Dray shares lessons from the trainer workshop about audience needs and positive instructor behaviour when running participatory live coding

Thank you all!

In this post, Chris Erdmann reflects on his time as Library Carpentry Community & Development Director ahead of his last day.

Lessons learned from the Community Discussion on Burnout

Prevent burnout by being welcoming and sharing experiences in everyday conversations.

Q3 and Q4 Project Work at The Carpentries

Here's what The Carpentries team accomplished in Q2 and Q3 2019, and a look into work that will continue in Q4 2019.

New Zealand Community Holds Its First Carpentries Chat

Community members gather to discuss Carpentries successes and challenges in Dunedin, New Zealand

The Carpentries Community Champions Call - September 2019

The Community Champions discussed how they grow their local communities

Code of Conduct Mandate Task Force Releases Recommendations

The Carpentries should be a leader in ensuring that our community is a safe and welcoming space.

Introducing Updated Workshop Request Forms and More

Navigating organising a Carpentries Workshop

Continued support from IMLS for Library Carpentry

California Digital Library receives supplemental grant from IMLS for Library Carpentry

Carpentries Values Project - An Update and Call for Input

Find out more about The Carpentries values project. Answer three questions and help us articulate our community values

Mentoring Groups Virtual Showcase: Oct 15 at 19:00 UTC

Curious about mentoring groups?

Instructor Trainer Training: Knowing When to Hold ‘Em

Trainer Training Postponed

Supporting The Carpentries

Read about activities the Australian Research Data Commons is embarking on to support The Carpentries

Connecting with the Community at CarpentryConnect in Manchester

In this post, Malvika Sharan shares her personal notes from June 2019's CarpentryConnect in Manchester

Upcoming Updated Forms for Workshops & Workshop Section of The Carpentries Website

Workshops...Request? Notify? Inquire? What Do I Do?

IDC meetings 8/19/2019: Findings from community discussion surveys

Let's talk about community discussions

HPC Carpentry at ISC2019

A paper on the progress of HPC Carpentry was presented at the 'Workshop on HPC Education and Training for Emerging Technologies' at ISC2019

Your experiences will help us recommend support for our CoCc

Anonymous form open for incidents outside CoCc mandate

Software Carpentry at York

Following a successful Software Carpentry workshop, Juan Rodriguez summarised the experience in this post.

Carpentries Community Discussion on PREreview.org

Join our August 28 2019 community call to help us build a diverse community of preprint reviewers

Carve Your Niche with The Carpentries

TU Delft Library met Data Champions from the Department of Biotechnology, Victor Koppejan and Raúl A. Ortiz Merino, to celebrate their Software and Data Carpentry workshop success.

Announcing CarpentryCon 2020 Dates, Location and Theme

After a rigorous venue and theme bidding process, here's information about CarpentryCon 2020 and 2021!

CarpentryConnect Manchester 2019 Highlights

Missed #CCMCR2019? Read Aleksandra Nenadic's account of the three-day event

Invitation to The Carpentries Sponsorship Programme Task Force

Sign up and help shape our Sponsorship Programme.

Recruiting Task Force Members for Incidents Outside the mandate of The Carpentries Code of Conduct Committee

Our Code of Conduct is serving its purpose, but when incidents fall outside its mandate, what can we do?

Releasing The Carpentries Communications Strategy and Implementation Plan

We are releasing our community communications plan and introducing how-to guides for community-led communications

22 Months in the Making: New Genomics Curriculum Release

What goes into a major lesson update?

Announcing the June 2019 lesson release!

With great thanks to the more than 1100 people who have made this lesson release possible.

Reflections from a Carpentries Train the Trainer Workshop

In this post, Alexander Refsum Jensenius shares thoughts and takeaways from a recent Train the Trainer Workshop

The Carpentries Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Roadmap

We are paving the way for Inclusivity!

Teaching reproducible science with R to a wide range of experience levels

Phil Reed shares lessons from a recent R for Reproducible Scientific Analysis workshop

Workshop Participant Fees

To charge (a minimal) workshop fee or not to charge? That is the question

Lessons Learned from our Call on Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility

It’s not enough to be invited to the party; we want you to be asked to dance!

2019 Instructor Development Committee (IDC) Meeting Schedule

IDC wants your feedback on 6/17

Financial Updates

Planning for The Carpentries' financial sustainability

Q2 Project Work at The Carpentries

Here's what The Carpentries team is working on in the second quarter of 2019.

Call for 2019 Mentoring Group Participation

Join a mentoring group!

The Carpentries in Australia: Community Discussion Summary

A summary of our community call on Carpentries activities in Australia

Tips and Tricks for Teaching R

Bianca Peterson & Katrin Tirok share their tried-and-tested tips and tricks for teaching R

Diversity is our Goal. Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility is how we get there.

Join the Community Discussion 21-22 May for Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Planning

36 lessons will be published, which ones will you contribute to?

Preparing for the June 2019 lesson release

Carpentries Community Discussion Sessions - A Primer for New Discussion Hosts

Looking to host a Carpentries Community Discussion? See Martin Dreyer's pointers

Constructing The Carpentries Community in Canada

Meet the Canadian Regional Coordinators

Introducing the New Carpentries Instructor Development Committee

Our Instructor Development Committee has a strong team of six to lead its activities over the next year

Standing with our Code of Conduct

Response to DataCamp blog post

Wrapping Up the Rural Campuses Connection Project Capacity Development Initiative.

A Capacity Development Project Inspired by The Carpentries.

Highlights from the recent Instructor Training in South Africa

New instructors from the East Coast of South Africa join The Carpentries community

Soliciting Community Feedback

Announcing The Carpentries Curriculum Development Handbook

A guide for creating Carpentries-style lessons.

What's Involved in Leading a Carpentries Community Committee?

Interested in leading the Instructor Development Committee? Learn more about the Committee and read some advice from a former Co-Chair.

Communications at The Carpentries

Boats, Bridges, Balloons - Here's why and how we communicate at The Carpentries

Executive Council Officer Elections for 2019

Announcing officers elected to The Carpentries Executive Council for 2019

The Carpentries Australia: Community Discussion

Join us for a discussion of past, present and future Carpentries activities in Australia

Leadership Opportunities with The Carpentries: Interest Meeting April 3, 2019

The Carpentries is searching for its next Instructor Development Committee Leaders!

Carpentry on a Chromebook

Coding with Crostini the ChromeOS Linux App

Bring CarpentryCon 2020 to Your City – Call for Themes and Venues

Submit your theme suggestions and venue bids for CarpentryCon 2020

Introducing The Carpentries' Regional Coordinators

How to connect with your Regional Coordinator

Growing The Carpentries Community in Africa: Hiring a Regional Coordinator

We're hiring a Regional Coordinator for Southern Africa!

The Carpentries in New Zealand

Meet the NZ Regional Coordinator

Code of Conduct Documentation Revised for Transparency and Clarity

Collaboration and transparency: Keys to our improved Code of Conduct

Join Us at CarpentryConnect Manchester 2019!

Here's why you should attend #ccmcr19 from June 25 to 27, 2019.

Job Plans, Teams, and Projects!

Check out how The Carpentries team is supporting our community this quarter.

Sher! Transitions into new role: Workshop & Logistics Manager

Sher! Shares the News

Code of Conduct Documentation Open for Comments

Help inform our Code of Conduct Documentation. Attend the #CarpentriesConversation

Announcing Elizabeth as New Director of Membership

CarpentryConnect Johannesburg 2018: Building Bridges for Digital and Computational Literacy.

Building the local South African Carpentries community through a CarpentryConnect.

A Wrap-up from the African Task Force

What did the African Task Force Do in 2018 and what did we learn...

Traducción al español de Ecología con Python, una lección de Data Carpentry

Nos complace anunciar una nueva lección traducida por la comunidad: Análisis y visualización de datos usando Python

Jonah Leaving for New Role in New Zealand

Jonah is stepping down as Director of Membership and Technology

Data Carpentry Python Ecology Lesson Translated into Spanish

We are excited to announce our newest community-driven lesson translation: Análisis y visualización de datos usando Python

Shaping Our Programs through the Lens of Equity.

Kari transitions into new role: Senior Director of Equity and Assessment

Announcing our January 2019 Instructor Trainer Cohort

Welcome to our new Trainer trainees!

Welcoming the New Community Engagement Lead

Please join us in welcoming Serah Njambi Rono!

Announcing the 2019 Executive Council for The Carpentries

Announcing The Carpentries Community Discussions

Instructor Training Checkout requirement to include Community Discussions

New and Improved Instructor Training Workflow!

We’re making it easier for Members (and others) to schedule their teams for Instructor Training

Unique multi-site teaching experience via virtual shared conference

Teaching at the University of the Virgin Islands

2018 Community Service Award Winners

Thanks to the award winners, sorted by surname, Tim Dennis, Margareth Gfrerer, Toby Hodges, Fotis Psomopoulos, and Malvika Sharan.

More than Workshops

What other ways are there to participate in The Carpentries community?

Updates on Instructor Checkout Requirements

Instructor Development Committee proposes new checkout requirement

Instructor Training Curriculum Updates

What’s new in the Instructor Training curriculum?

Apply to Become a Carpentries Instructor Trainer!

Experienced instructors & trained educators wanted!

Election for The Carpentries’ Vision and 2019 Executive Council

2019 ballot description and logistics

2019 Election: Juliane Schneider

2019 Election: Elizabeth Wickes

Focus on targeted growth and representation

Welcoming the new Administrative Support Specialist

Please join us in welcoming Talisha Sutton-Kennedy!

2019 Election: Amy Hodge

Find new pathways to a range of Carpentries material

Nominate a member to Community Service Award before 19 November

Deadline is next week. Don't miss the opportunity to recognise members contribution

Discussion Summary: Delivering Exercises to Learners

You’re Invited! Mentoring Meetup November 8th

Mentoring gives me joy, and here’s why.

Library Carpentry Is Now Officially a Lesson Program!

On 1 November 2018 the Executive Council approved Library Carpentry as an official Lesson Program

Announcing 2019 Executive Council Elections

Nominations now open for community-elected Executive Council positions.

The Carpentries 2018 Annual Report

The Carpentries has put together our first official annual report!

Curriculum Development Goals for the Rest of 2018

What we're planning to accomplish for our lessons in the rest of the year.

The Magic of Etherpads

Keeping Your Workshop Organised

Library Carpentry’s Next Step Towards Becoming a Carpentries Lesson Program

New Library Carpentry Website Responds to Carpentries Roadmap

Re-evaluating the Anonymity of Our Workshop Survey Data

Nominate a Member You’ve Noticed Working Extra Hard in 2018

2018 Community Service Awards - Call for Nominations

We’re Hiring Two New Staff. Join Our Team.

Job Opportunities with The Carpentries

Load Magic for Python and a call to discuss how we deliver exercises to learners

How do you deliver exercises

Help Us Plan for CarpentryCon 2020

Join the CarpentryCon Task Force

My Pathway in The Carpentries

From zero to … here

Thank You Belinda!

Want to Organise a Workshop on Image Processing?

A list of resources to kick-start your workshop

Updates to The Carpentries' Code of Conduct

Background to the recent revision of the Code

CarpentryCon – Post-conference Report and Call to Action

Invitation to join the CarpentryCon TaskForce

The Structure of The Carpentries Executive Council

Announcing our new Instructor Trainers-in-training

Helping us grow our pool of Carpentries instructors

Help Shape the Governance of Our Community

Request for Comment on The Carpentries Bylaws

Introducing the Instructor Development Committee

Three Years in the Making for Instructor Training in Latin America

Building global communities of Spanish-speaking Carpentry instructors and lesson developers

ELIXIR Teams Up With The Carpentries to Boost Its Training Programme

Highlights from the Mentoring Groups Virtual Showcase

Request for Comment on Carpentries Mission and Vision

New mission and vision for The Carpentries

What’s New in Our Programs?

Quarterly Update on our Programmatic Assessment Report

Vision and Plans for Curriculum Development with The Carpentries

Sydney ResBaz - A Big Success

Cross-institutional skill- and community-building event attracts hundreds of researchers

Mentoring Groups Showcase Their Achievements - All Welcome

It's show time!

Apply to become a Carpentries Instructor Trainer!

Help us grow and diversify our pool of Carpentries instructors

CarpentryCon Experienced by Latin American Attendees

That's one small step for The Carpentries, one giant leap for Latin America

Evidence of Carpentries' Impact on Learners

Here's proof that YOU are making an impact!

Mission, Vision, and Bylaws for the Carpentries

The Executive Council has been working on revising and solidifying the mission, vision, and bylaws for The Carpentries

Dunedin ResBaz

Dunedin ResBaz was held at The University of Otago on 4-6 July, 2018.

No More Self-organised Workshop Fees

Executive Council moves to eliminate self-organised workshop fees

Organisational Memberships and the Future of the Carpentries

Organisational memberships have defined the joint future of Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry together as The Carpentries

CarpentryCon Experienced by the African Carpentry Task Force

Thanks to The Carpentries and conference sponsors

The Carpentries: A Joint Narrative (January 2017 - March 2018)

A summary of our progress together over the past eighteen months

Report from 2018 In-person Executive Council Meeting

Executive Council met to discuss mission and vision of The Carpentries

Join an Onboarding Session for Hosting Discussion Sessions

Hosting discussion sessions is a great way to expand your network

The Carpentries' Programmatic Assessment

2012-2018 Programmatic Assessment Report Published

Report on the Next Steps in R workshop at CarpentryCon 2018

Report: Lesson Infrastructure Breakout at CarpentryCon

Find out what we talked about during the lesson infrastructure breakout session at CarpentryCon

Get More Involved with The Carpentries' Instructor Community

Hosting discussion sessions is a great way to expand your network

Thoughts on CarpentryCon: the Value of Community

A summary of the tweets generated at CarpentryCon 2018, Dublin

The Carpentries' Virtual Listening Tour

You Belong in The Carpentries and we want to hear from you

CarpentryCon 2018 Wraps Up

Inaugural Conference a Big Success

Updates to Privacy Policy

Updates to privacy policy and option to be included on our new website

Opening discussions about Library Carpentry being a Lesson Organisation with The Carpentries

The Carpentries' Executive Council and the Library Carpentry governance team vote to start discussions

Calling for Responses to our Long-Term Survey

Please share your impact story

All Carpentries Mailing Lists now moved to TopicBox

Planning for a seamless transition

Executive Council 1st 2018 Tertile Report

Executive Council 1st 2018 Tertile Report: Bylaws

Library Carpentry Hackathon a Great Success

The third sprint featured lots of updates and new curriculum, plus the development of a new website

Rethinking the Lesson Pipeline

Rethinking the Lesson Pipeline with reticulate

The Carpentries Programmatic Assessment

The first joint quarterly report for The Carpentries programs

Book Review: Teaching What You Don't Know

Many Carpentries instructors may find themselves in the position of teaching material they do not know all that well

Building Carpentries Engagement in Your Communities

Leveraging the power of community

April 2018 Bug BBQ Summary

A brief summary of the activity on our repository during the Bug BBQ

Launching The Carpentries Website

New website for access to all things Carpentries

Poster, Program, Participation

Find all the latest news on CarpentryCon 2018

Building Library Carpentry Community and Development

Announcing Chris Erdmann as the new Library Carpentry Community and Development Director, starting 4 May, 2018.

Launching Our New Handbook

Find new pathways to a range of Carpentries material

Mentoring Groups Open for Multiple Timezones

Did you miss the deadline to join a mentoring group?

How to be involved in the Bug BBQ?

A short guide on how to contribute and be involved during The Carpentries Bug BBQ.

Who Belongs at CarpentryCon 2018? You Do!

To be held in Dublin from 30 May - 1 June, 2018, CarpentryCon will be three action-packed days of skill ups, breakout sessions, talks, social events, and workshops.

Software Carpentry: Considering the Future