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Announcing the 2022 Carpentries Executive Council

Please join us in welcoming the new and returning members of the EC.

Executive Council Key Activities Report

Reporting period: February 2021 to July 2021 (inclusive)

The Future of Online Workshops

The Pilot Phase is Ending for Online Workshops at The Carpentries. What comes next?

Glosario: African contributions

As part of the checkout process, community members translated more than 300 data science terms into Amharic.

Share Your 2021 Gratitudes with Our Community

We are taking time throughout December 2021 to reflect, write and share our community green stickies for the year.

The Carpentries Instructor Training Curriculum has been Updated!

The new version of the Instructor Training curriculum has been released

Applications Now Open for Carpentries Trainer Training Starting January 2022

Do you want to teach others to develop skills and confidence as Carpentries Instructors? Become a Trainer!

Pricing Update for 2022

The Carpentries is updating our pricing for the first time since 2016.

Join Us to Learn More about CarpentryCon @ Home in 2022

Upcoming Community Discussion will provide multiple ways to engage in next year’s event

Enseñando a enseñar entre comunidades en español

Teaching to teach between communities in Spanish

Quarterly Strategic Plan Update: Q3 2021

Here is an overview of work towards The Carpentries 2020-2025 Strategic Plan for the third quarter of 2021

We Value All Contributions - The Carpentries 2021 Fundraiser

Help The Carpentries meet our goal during this end of the year fundraising campaign

Transition for The Carpentries Membership Team

Questions about Membership? Email membership@carpentries.org

Election nominees for the 2022 Executive Council

Help shape the Carpentries – Information about Community Elections

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