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Transition for The Carpentries Membership Team

Questions about Membership? Email membership@carpentries.org

Election nominees for the 2022 Executive Council

Help shape the Carpentries – Information about Community Elections

Announcing CarpentryCon @ Home in 2022

Read on to learn about our plans for next year’s CarpentryCon and how to volunteer to support

Introducing The Carpentries Sponsorship Program

The Carpentries is piloting a sponsorship program for 2021-2022

Announcing The Carpentries Community Development Program

A new program to build capacity in community management

Launching Lesson Publication Task Force

Get involved in a Task Force on the official lesson publication process.

Announcing The Carpentries African Capacity Development Manager, Angelique Trusler

Please join us in welcoming Angelique to this new role

Hacktoberfest 2021 - Glosario Contribution Drive

For the second year in a row, help us internationalise and expand Glosario, the open source, multilingual glossary of data science terms.

CarpentryConnect South Africa 2021 - A global event

An estimated 300GB of mobile data was provided to 71 attendees.

Incubator Lesson Spotlight: Interactive Data Visualizations in Python

Get involved in the community’s development of a new lesson on how to create interactive data visualizations in Python.

Announcing 2022 Executive Council Elections

Nominations are now open for four Executive Council (EC) positions to join for two year terms 2022-2023 effective 1 February, 2022; two community-elected and two Council-elected

Make a recurring gift via GitHub Sponsors to support The Carpentries’ curriculum

We have launched a GitHub Sponsorship page to fund revisions to several Carpentries lessons.

Apply to become a Curriculum Advisor

Curriculum Advisors provide high-level leadership for lessons. Apply by September 29

Welcome to our Newest Lesson Maintainers!

Eighteen new Lesson Maintainers badged

The 2021 Instructor Training Report

We are excited to release the first Instructor Training Report!

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