Launching Lesson Publication Task Force

Get involved in a Task Force on the official lesson publication process.

Members of The Carpentries community contribute to official lessons in a number of ways, including lesson development, contributing edits and updates to content, and serving as Maintainers. We want to acknowledge these contributions on official lesson publications, which requires processes for scheduling lesson publications and determining authorship.

The Carpentries is launching a Task Force on the official lesson publication process, and we are seeking community members to participate in several meetings. We are looking for community members who are interested in lesson publication and how to ensure that contributions are appropriately recognized and communicated internally and externally. The Task Force will have a set number of meetings and concrete goals of developing guidelines for determining authorship and scheduling official lesson publications. Specific times will be determined once the Task Force membership is set.

If you would like an opportunity to serve on this Task Force, please fill out the interest form. If you have any questions about the Task Force or getting involved, please contact Michael Culshaw-Maurer by email or on the Carpentries Slack. We will also be hosting a community discussion on the topic of the lesson publication process, which will be an opportunity to provide feedback and discuss your experiences with other members of the community. The discussion will be on Tuesday, October 5th at 4:00PM UTC, and you can sign up on the community discussion etherpad.

Dialogue & Discussion

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