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Announcing the Library Carpentry Curriculum Advisory Committee

Helping keep lessons on track

What constitutes a Library Carpentry workshop?

What is considered a Library Carpentry workshop vs a roadshow

What’s New in Our Programs?

Quarterly Update on our Programmatic Assessment Report

Seventy-One Workshops... and Counting

How the Library Carpentry community began, and where it is going

Vision and Plans for Curriculum Development with The Carpentries

Sydney ResBaz - A Big Success

Cross-institutional skill- and community-building event attracts hundreds of researchers

Mentoring Groups Showcase Their Achievements - All Welcome

It's show time!

A Carpentries-Based Approach to Teaching FAIR Data and Software Principles

A report from the TIB Hannover FAIR Data & Software Workshop (9-13 July, 2018)

Apply to become a Carpentries Instructor Trainer!

Help us grow and diversify our pool of Carpentries instructors

Eight Days, Four Workshops, Two Islands, One Earthquake

Taking Library Carpentry on the road in New Zealand

CarpentryCon Experienced by Latin American Attendees

That's one small step for The Carpentries, one giant leap for Latin America

Evidence of Carpentries' Impact on Learners

Here's proof that YOU are making an impact!

Mission, Vision, and Bylaws for the Carpentries

The Executive Council has been working on revising and solidifying the mission, vision, and bylaws for The Carpentries

Dunedin ResBaz

Dunedin ResBaz was held at The University of Otago on 4-6 July, 2018.

No More Self-Organised Workshop Fees

Executive Council moves to eliminate Self-Organised workshop fees

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