What’s New in Our Programs?

Quarterly Update on our Programmatic Assessment Report

We put out what was the first of our programmatic reports in May, 2018. These reports bring our community up to date on how many workshops have been run, and where they took place (especially highlighting new places), and what other new milestones we have reached together in our teaching and community-building work around the world.

These reports will now appear quarterly. The first report of each year will provide a review of how far we have come, while reports for the subsequent three quarters will focus on specific themes after giving a quick summary update.

New geographies

For this quarter, we have some great news about extending our geographic reach. We ran our first workshop in Pakistan, and have now clocked up more than ten workshops in Ethiopia over the past two years. Given the small instructor pool there, this is a fantastic result, demonstrating the amazing work of the African Carpentries community.

Instructor trainee analysis

During this quarter, we analysed applications for instructor training received since we opened up our application process in July 2016. Our goal here was to compare the applicant pool with the badged instructor pool and to examine and map application and completion rates across certain characteristics such as country, occupation, areas of expertise, and previous experience and involvement with The Carpentries. Only those applications that came through an open application process (that is, people unaffiliated with existing member organisations) were analysed. Since The Carpentries does not control instructor trainee selection at member sites, including these applications might have skewed our analysis.

Overall, of those who attend instructor training events, 56.6% become certified Instructors. Read the report to find out what groups badge at higher or lower rates and what this means for The Carpentries moving forward.

You can find out a lot more about our programs in the final report. Because of privacy issues, we cannot share all of the source data that went into creating this report. If you have questions about the data, though, you are most welcome to send them to team@carpentries.org.

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