Apply to become a Carpentries Instructor Trainer!

Help us grow and diversify our pool of Carpentries instructors

Are you an active Instructor looking to take your involvement with The Carpentries to the next level? Or perhaps you are an experienced educator who has found something to love in our Instructor Training curriculum? Or maybe you want to understand more of the theory that underpins the success of our workshops?

If so, we would like to hear from you, as we are about to open a new round of Instructor Trainer training. This is a fantastic opportunity to grow your own training skills, which are increasingly in demand both in academia and industry.

Trainers are key to the continuing growth and success of The Carpentries. We are proud of our Instructor Training curriculum, but the effective delivery and ongoing improvement of this curriculum relies on the skill and dedication of our Trainers.

How can you tell if the Trainer role is for you?

  • Do you enjoy teaching and helping others develop their potential?
  • Do you like to engage with theory about how people learn?
  • Do you want to see The Carpentries instructor pool grow so that Carpentries training can expand into new territories?

If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, then consider applying for this training round.

What it will take to participate

Do you currently have the time to:

  • Prepare for and attend a total of eight weekly meetings, starting in September, for Trainer certification?
  • Prepare, teach, and provide feedback on at least two Instructor Training workshops per year? (these will be Centrally-Organised)
  • Host at least four teaching demonstration sessions within a year?
  • Attend meetings of, and/or actively participate with, the Trainer community on our Slack channel or through other channels?

To maximise people’s experience and potential for close interaction, we will be accepting only a small group this time. While we wish we could accept every applicant, spaces are limited, and we want to be strategic about broadening our Trainer group geographically. We are currently giving priority to Trainer applicants either located in or with strong ties to countries in Africa, Latin America, Australia, or New Zealand. We are also interested in increasing representation from diverse institution types, including Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Tribal Colleges and Universities. We welcome enthusiastic and qualified applicants from all fields and locations!

If you have applied unsuccessfully before, please try again!

Apply now

Interested? Read more about it and apply here by August 8, 2018!

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