Request for Comment on Carpentries Mission and Vision

New mission and vision for The Carpentries

As announced two weeks ago, the Executive Council has been working on developing drafts of the mission and vision statements for the new joint organization. These drafts are now available and we request your feedback through two Requests for Comment and related GitHub issues by midnight (in your time zone) Friday August 31, 2018.

Requests for Comment (RFCs, also called Requests for Public Comment) are a tool used to solicit feedback on planned actions that affect a broad community. These RFCs build on those used during the merging of Software and Data Carpentry to ensure that these central guiding statements serve all members of our diverse community.

Discussion on the two statements will happen separately using GitHub issues:

Vision Statement | Mission Statement

Feedback of any kind is encouraged, including specific ideas for changes, concerns about particular language, and support for both the drafted language and proposed changes. We want to make sure that the words and ideas in these statements are inclusive to all and so actively encourage comments from members of underrepresented groups including people of color, members of the LGTBQ community, first generation students, and people for whom English is not their first language.

Dialogue & Discussion

Comments must follow our Code of Conduct.

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