Mentoring Groups Showcase Their Achievements - All Welcome

It's show time!

The most recent round of mentoring groups will wrap up in mid-August. As with previous rounds, groups will share what they have learned and achieved during their time together in a virtual showcase (also known as a get-together via Zoom).

To maximise attendance, showcases will take place at two different times and members of our community are invited to attend. You don’t need to be a mentor or mentee to attend the showcase, and you can come to either or both.

Why come along if you’re not a mentor or mentee?

Perhaps you are an instructor and have wondered if mentoring is for you? Come along to the showcase and see what a big change you can make in people’s skills and confidence levels in a very short space of time.

Maybe you have considered being mentored but weren’t sure whether you would like it? Come along to the showcase to hear mentees’ stories and learn what they have achieved.

Maybe you are just interested in how our community runs this kind of outreach? So why not come along and see?

What is the format?

Groups usually present a slide that summarises what they hoped to do, and how they met their goals. There will be time for questions and comments. If groups are willing, sessions (or parts of sessions) may be recorded for later viewing by people who are unable to attend.

Two times to attend

There will be two showcases run to make it easy for people to attend at least one.

First showcase

  • Monday, August 13 at 12: 00 UTC.

Check the time and date in your part of the world.

Second showcase

  • Monday, August 13 at 22:00 UTC.

Please note, this may be the next day in some parts of the southern hemisphere!

Check the time and date in your part of the world.

We hope to see you at the showcase! Register your attendance on this etherpad, which also has the information on how to join each showcase on Zoom.

As ever, you can tweet us your thoughts on the showcase, or on our mentoring program, using the hashtag #CarpentriesMentoring.

Dialogue & Discussion

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