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Geospatial Launch

Want to teach geospatial skills? Sign up for onboarding or to host a pilot workshop today.

Help Shape the Governance of Our Community

Request for Comment on The Carpentries Bylaws

Three Years in the Making for Instructor Training in Latin America

Building global communities of Spanish-speaking Carpentry instructors and lesson developers

Introducing the Instructor Development Committee

The Strategic Value of Library Carpentry and The Carpentries to Research Libraries

How your library can be a hub for data science activities in your community.

University of Oregon Libraries and Oregon State University Libraries Team Up to Teach First Library Carpentry Workshop in Oregon

UO and OSU Library Carpentry report

ELIXIR Teams Up With The Carpentries to Boost Its Training Programme

Highlights from the Mentoring Groups Virtual Showcase

New England Libraries Team Up to Become Carpentries Members

Developing the New England Software Carpentry Library Consortium and a Community of Practice

Request for Comment on Carpentries Mission and Vision

New mission and vision for The Carpentries

Announcing the Library Carpentry Curriculum Advisory Committee

Helping keep lessons on track

What constitutes a Library Carpentry workshop?

What is considered a Library Carpentry workshop vs a roadshow

What’s New in Our Programs?

Quarterly Update on our Programmatic Assessment Report

Seventy-One Workshops... and Counting

How the Library Carpentry community began, and where it is going

Vision and Plans for Curriculum Development with The Carpentries

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