Announcing the 2022 Carpentries Executive Council

Please join us in welcoming the new and returning members of the EC.

We are pleased to announce the results of the community and council elections for the 2022 Executive Council (EC). The 2022 Carpentries Executive Council will assume responsibility of governance from February 1, 2022. We would like to give the most welcome greeting to incoming EC members.

Incoming community-elected members

Three candidates stood for the community election held during the beginning of November 2021. Out of the 1,283 ballots distributed to Voting Members, 192 ballots were cast (15% turnout). The two candidates receiving the highest number of votes and joining the Executive Council for two-year terms as community-elected Members are:

  • Yanina Bellini Saibene
  • Konrad Förstner

Incoming council-elected members

The Executive Council received recommendations for four individuals for the council-elected positions. Following assessment of each candidate for their suitability regarding the expertise needed (see this blog post), the Executive Council elected the following two individuals:

  • Annajiat Alim Rasel
  • Amel Ghouila

Continuing and outgoing Executive Council members

The four members listed above will join the following continuing Executive Council members:

  • John Chodacki [Appointed since 2021]
  • Aleksandra Nenadic [Elected since 2021]
  • Michael Smith [Appointed since 2021]
  • Sarah Stevens [Elected since 2021]
  • Masami Yamaguchi [Appointed since 2021]

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the outgoing Executive Council members:

  • Cedric Chambers [Appointed since 2020]
  • Paula Andrea Martinez [Elected since 2020], 2021 Vice Chair
  • Lex Nederbragt [Elected since 2018], 2021 Chair, 2020 Vice Chair, 2018 Secretary

Thank you so much for your contribution and service to The Carpentries governance! Thanks to the entire Carpentries community for your engagement in this election, recommending candidates, and submitting ballots! To get in touch with the Executive Council, go to the governance page.

Paula Andrea Martinez
The Carpentries Executive Council Vice Chair 2021
The Carpentries Governance Committee Chair 2021
The Carpentries Returning Officer 2021

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