Share Your 2021 Gratitudes with Our Community

We are taking time throughout December 2021 to reflect, write and share our community green stickies for the year.

In 2019 and 2020, The Carpentries published a series of posts thanking the various parts of our community. Since that time, the community has supported The Carpentries through tumultuous times - from transitioning to online workshops and a virtual conference in 2020, to new and revitalized programs like the Curriculum Advisors Committee and the Community Facilitators Program. To be sure, there is no end to what we are grateful for from our community.

We want to know what you, our community, are grateful for this year in The Carpentries. Whether there is a specific memorable workshop you took part in or a fellow community member that helped you, we would love to share your story.

The Core Team will be joining you and sharing our green stickies and appreciations for the community throughout December.

How to Share Your Gratitudes

Please either share:

  • Directly on Twitter with the hashtag #CarpentriesGratitude
  • Add a comment to this GitHub issue
  • Send your gratitude to and we will share on your behalf, anonymously or with your name attached.

Previous Posts in the Gratitudes Series

If you are interested in reading the previous posts in the Gratitudes Series, you can find them all linked below:

Thank you for being a part of this community and for everything you do!

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