New Prices for Workshops, Instructor Training, and Memberships

Our new pricing structure for workshops, Instructor Training, and memberships goes into effect today.

In November we announced upcoming changes to our pricing for Centrally-Organised workshops, Instructor Training, and Memberships. The new pricing structure increases the flexibility of our Membership offerings, allowing Members to create service packages that will best serve their needs. We’ve also introduced geographically-tiered pricing, which will enable us to better serve organisations outside high-income countries. Lastly, we are starting a financial support program to offer support for organisations who are unable to pay our standard fees, irrespective of location.

Details about our current Membership and a la carte offerings can be found on our Membership page. Answers to frequently asked questions can be found on our Membership FAQ. Our team is ready to assist you in putting together the ideal Membership for your organisation and to answer any questions - please contact us.

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