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Request for Comment on The Carpentries Bylaws

A few weeks ago, the Executive Council announced an RFC for bylaws for The Carpentries. Bylaws traditionally describe the rules and regulations used to run an organization. As a fiscally sponsored organization, The Carpentries is not required to have formal (legally binding) bylaws. As an organization that is community-driven, though, these bylaws are important for describing the role of the community in governing and guiding the strategic direction of The Carpentries. We have tried to use plain language, rather than legal jargon, to make the document accessible for our diverse community members, while still attempting to provide clear expectations associated with the structure and governance of The Carpentries.

We welcome any comments or concerns noted by the broader community as we continue developing The Carpentries. Please head over to the GitHub repository to read the draft, add comments or create new issues. We will leave the repository open to comments until September 14, 2018 at 23:59 AoE (Anywhere on Earth), after which the Executive Committee will revise and vote on the final version. Thank you in advance for your efforts to help form a cohesive and inclusive community!

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