Want to Organise a Workshop on Image Processing?

A list of resources to kick-start your workshop

I wanted to organise a workshop on image processing for PhDs in the medical domain. I usually use Software Carpentry lessons in my workshops, but there are no lessons on image processing. Before starting to re-invent the wheel, I thought I should ask the Software Carpentry community if anybody had given a workshop like that recently.

Hey guys, image processing lesson anyone?

I was hit by a wave of suggestions and existing materials — and although not everything fitted in the scope of my workshop, it sure made my life a lot easier! Here is a summary of some of the useful links which were shared.

List of resources

In the end

In the end, I had all the material that I wanted for my workshop, which went quite well — with the usual issues one encounters in a workshop: too basic for some, a bit confusing for others. One day I will find the perfect balance.

Do you have any valuable resources to include in the list? Let me know in a comment below!

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