Giving Tuesday at The Carpentries

Here are some of the many ways you can contribute to The Carpentries

What is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is an annual “global generosity movement” which was originally created as a day to mark and encourage generosity and giving in all of its forms, whether that be volunteering or donating.

As you may have seen, The Carpentries is running our first ever fundraising campaign and we are honored and truly grateful for the generosity we have seen from our community in donating. If you would like to donate any amount, we would truly appreciate it. However, enshrined in The Carpentries’ Core Values is the notion that We Value All Contributions. In the spirit of that guiding message, here are a few of the ways that you can help support The Carpentries and mark Giving Tuesday through forms other than monetary contributions.

1. Contribute to an Open Item on The Help Wanted Page

In October of 2020, we launched our new Help Wanted page, to allow for a centralised and accessible overview of all open issues that Carpentries Maintainers have identified as needing help. By contributing to one of the open issues, you will be helping The Carpentries refine our lessons. Visit the page directly to begin making contributions.

2. Host or Attend a Community Discussion

Community Discussions and Themed Discussions in The Carpentries are a great way to interact with, learn from and share your knowledge and experiences with other Carpentries community members from around the world. Subscribe to our community calendar for updates on community calls that may pique your interest and are in a befitting hour depending on your timezone and schedule. You can also watch some of our recorded community calls on our YouTube channel.

If you are interested in hosting one of these discussions, please follow our Twitter as we post regular calls to host.

3. Join A New Community Channel

The Carpentries has many avenues by which to engage with the community. Some of these include The Carpentries TopicBox and Slack Channels. Consider joining a group or channel that you are not a part of yet, so we can increase the number of voices and perspectives in all of our channels.

4. Thank Yourself and Other Carpentries Community Members

Every Carpentries Community member provides an invaluable resource to the community. We want to thank every instructor, maintainer, instructor trainer, learner, lesson contributor, regional coordinator, and more for everything they have already given to The Carpentries. By taking the time to reflect on your own and others’ contributions to The Carpentries this year, we hope you are able to appreciate all you have given. The Carpentries is a community-first organisation and always will be, so thank you again for all your contributions.

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