Announcing the new Help Wanted page

A new page to highlight issues needing your help.

A new Help Wanted page was recently added to The Carpentries website, providing a list of issues in need of some help, from Data Carpentry, Library Carpentry, Software Carpentry, The Carpentries, and Carpentries Incubator GitHub repositories. We hope this will serve as a single point of reference for trainee instructors completing the checkout process, and anyone else looking for a way to make an impact by contributing to our materials.

The page provides an accessible overview of all open issues that maintainers have identified as needing help, across many of our official and community-developed lesson repositories. The listing also includes issues from the repositories of other Carpentries resources, such as Glosario, and infrastructure such as the organisational websites and lesson template.

How does the Help Wanted page help me contribute to The Carpentries?

Maintainers are typically very busy, and often cannot devote the time required to solve every issue that arises in their repositories. Where maintainers would welcome additional contributions to tackle a problem or task, we encourage them to add the “help wanted” label to the issue describing what needs to be done. If the maintainers have chosen to include their repository on the Help Wanted page, any open issues with this label will be added automatically to the listing.

As part of the checkout process from Instructor Training, we ask trainees to make a contribution to an official lesson, a community developed lesson, or Glosario. We hope that the Help Wanted page will make it easier for trainees to identify an issue they can help with and maximise the impact of their checkout contribution.

I’m a Maintainer. How can I include my repository on the Help Wanted page?

Repositories are listed on the Help Wanted page on an opt-in basis. If you are a maintainer of a repository in The Carpentries, Data Carpentry, Library Carpentry, Software Carpentry, CarpentriesLab, or The Carpentries Incubator GitHub organizations, and you would like to include your issues on the page, please contact

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